List of the Top 10 SketchUp plugins for Interior Design

In this SketchUp article that explains 10 amazing plug-ins with their features, which will help you during your interior design project.

1. Architextures for SketchUp

Architextures SketchUp can use to create curves, bump maps, seamless textures, and hatches directly inside the web application. Material imports will automatically take you to the materiality options and save you from downloading, importing, and scaling manually. Later, you can edit imported textures by selecting Edit with Architextures from the context menu as a right-click on a face with that material assigned.

For more information, visit: architextures.org

2. Click-Kitchen 2 (SKP Make/Pro)

You can continue to install the plug-in despite the warning window. SketchUp plug-ins from 2014 to 2021 are also compatible with this plug-in. You can wait for the download of all dynamic components that come with the plug-in. The toolbars must display after installation in the View or Toolbars menu. You can verify that all of the Click Cuisine 2 lines appear in the new window. The most important thing you can do is to download Click Change 2 so that you have kitchen equipment.

To learn more, watch the following video tutorial.

For more information, visit: composant-dynamique.com

3. Artisan Organic Toolset

Artisan Organic Toolset gives you powerful tools for subdivision, sculpting, and soft selection.


1. Terrestrial and landscape features.
2. The furniture.
3. Characteristics.
4. A sculpture or decorative object that is abstract.
5. Pillows, fabrics, and curtains.
6. A rock, a tree, and a plant.

To learn more, watch the following video tutorial.

For more information, visit: artisan4sketchup.com/

4. Twinmotion Direct Link for SketchUp

Twinmotion allows you to build high-quality images, panoramas, videos, and virtual reality visualizations quickly and easily. Twinmotion's intuitive icon-driven interface combines the power of Unreal Engine with the intuitive design of architecture, construction, urban planning, and landscaping professionals.

You can synchronize geometry and BIM data from SketchUp to Twinmotion with just one click with the Twinmotion Direct Link for SketchUp. Twinmotion allows you to synchronize with one click. Utilize this functionality to create an archive that's compelling in real-time. The hierarchy and organization preserve, and Twinmotion objects that respond to the environment automatically replace native surfaces and 3D objects.

For more information, visit: unrealengine.com/

5. Inspace - 2018 Support - Export to VR for SketchUp

SketchUp projects can convert into immersive virtual reality experiences instantly.

SketchUp users can also use In-space with Revit, Rhino, and over 50 other 3D file formats. You can export your SketchUp projects and upload them to the In-space platform to create beautiful VR experiences for presentations and design reviews.


1. Launch SketchUp and create a new project.
2. Use the In-space SketchUp extension to export your project.
3. Using In-space, you can instantly walk through your designs once you have exported them.

For more information, visit: www.inspacexr.com

6. Maxwell for SketchUp

The Maxwell for SketchUp plug-in seamlessly integrates with SketchUp Make and Pro. All the options you'll need are right at your disposal to produce maximum-quality Maxwell renders directly from SketchUp models. This software combines Maxwell Render technology with its simplicity.

For more information, visit: maxwellrender.com

7. textureMe

You can add material and texture textures directly to SketchUp using textureMe. You can directly apply the texture to the selected surface by clicking the attached texture on the paint brush.


1. Building material hubs directly integrated with mtextur.
2. Materials and textures from over 48,000 manufacturers.
3. The size has been scaled to the actual size.
4. Materials with high resolution.
5. Textures are seamless.
6. You can download up to ten free textures every day.
7. You can save materials to your own material library.

For more information, visit: einsteinconcept.de

8. Window Maker

Create double-hung and slider windows by utilizing a parametric window plug-in. Once it installs, it appears under the Tools menu. Follow the prompts to select it.

For more information, visit: extensions.sketchup.com

9. 3dBee.IT Plugin

This 3D asset store sells models and scans that are fully production-ready. 3DBee offers the best quality models and scans online. A rigorous quality assurance process has been followed for every product in the store. You can purchase assets through 3DBee and drag them directly into your DCC application, eliminating the need to download and manually create assets. V-Ray allows you to apply advanced materials to SketchUp scenes directly from 3DBee assets.

To learn more, watch the following video tutorial.

For more information, visit: 3dbee.it

10. VBO Dimensions

VBO Dimensions make putting linear and radial dimensions into SketchUp or LayOut quick and easy.

Software and system recommendations

1. Operating systems running on Windows 10 or higher.
2. Version 2019 or newer of SketchUp.

How to use

1. Select the vertices of your choice and draw a vector to define the direction that will take when you place the dimensions.
2. You can edit dimensions by hovering over them.
3. If the user edits the model, update the dimensions.
4. Creating codes for LayOut to update the dimensions.

To learn more, watch the following video tutorial.

For more information, visit: kcdallc.com

List of the Top 10 SketchUp plugins for Interior Design