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RPS Productivity Tools

A set of Productivity Enhancement tools for SketchUp, includes:

RPS 3D PDF - The RPS 3D PDF Exporter will take your SketchUp Documents and turn them into 3D PDF files which you can then post on a web page, or send to clients. RPS 3D PDF creates interactive 3D Adobe Reader documents from your SketchUp models.

Rps Productivity Tools Rps Productivity Tools
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  • Post to web site or email to clients.
  • Clients can view your model, but cannot borrow or change it.
  • Simple wizard to combine text and background images with your model.

RpWallMaker – RpWallMaker a free add-on for Google SketchUp to create wide walls (3D walls with thickness), edit them and cut holes in them.

  • Running Wide wall entry.
  • Cut holes through both sides of wall.
  • Cut holes to match components.
  • Wall, Door and Windows reports.

RpTreeMaker – RpTreeMaker a free add-on for Google SketchUp to create custom Tree Components.

  • Create custom, fractal trees for your models
  • Share tree design on the 3D warehouse.

RpTools – RpTools additional productivity tools for SketchUp. For laying out, editing and manipulating 3D components.

  • Wizards to edit components - move, copy, stretch.
  • Mirror Wizard
  • Point or aim components


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