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LightUp for SketchUp

LightUp for SketchUp is a SketchUp plugin that adds realistic, realtime lighting to your sketchup models.

LightUp for SketchUp aims to provide users with a fast workflow to explore spaces and lighting all from inside SketchUp. Soft shadows, area lights, point lights and sunlight are all supported. Once lighting is calculated, users can walk around their lit models in realtime, generate high resolution stills (eg 9000x5000) as well as movies using SketchUp Scenes or simply capture a walkthrough of your model.

LightUp for SketchUp LightUp for SketchUp
Sponza Atrium Deep space mine entrance
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LightUp for SketchUp LightUp for SketchUp
Barcelona Pavilion Early morning light Sample

LightUp v1.9 features include:

  • Export lit model to other Apps
  • Realtime animated water
  • Export Dynamic Component animation
  • Improved Intel GPU support
  • Realtime planar reflections (ideal for floors, glazing)
  • Realtime sun shadows
  • Supports 24 core rendering
  • IES lights starter pack

The new release of LightUp (v1.9) is now available, in demo and retail form. LightUp gives the ability to do realtime walkthrough of you model with lighting, all inside the Sketchup Window.

  • Soft shadows
  • Area lights
  • Point lights (including IES)
  • Skybox backdrops
  • Ambient Occlusion
  • HDR image-based lighting

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