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Sefaira Concept SketchUp Plugin Download

Sefaira Concept enables architects and designers to create better performing buildings with a powerful web-based sustainability analysis platform. It provides rapid feedback on whole-building energy and water use, carbon emissions, utility costs, and renewable energy potential, while an intuitive interface allows for fast, iterative exploration of design options.

Concept allows you to combine creativity and analytic insight to design buildings that are both elegant and highly sustainable.

Sefaira Concept SketchUp Plugin Sefaira Concept SketchUp Plugin
Integrated with SketchUp Presentation-quality reports
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Rapid sustainability analysis
Get rapid feedback on whole-building energy and water use, carbon emissions, utility costs, and renewable energy potential. Make informed design decisions from a holistic understanding of trade-offs and synergies across multiple criteria.

Built for conceptual design: Explore design options early, when decisions have the greatest impact. An intuitive interface and intelligent default assumptions allow designers to get started right away with only a small number of inputs.

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