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3skeng - 3D Conceptual Engineering

Generate simple and easy - as never before - 3D Pipeline-models. You don't have to be a CAD expert to work with 3skeng. You don't need training or operate a complex system to express your Piping and Channel model concepts in 3D short after installing the software.

3skeng Pipe Conceptual upgrades Google SketchUp with an icon-bar and gives you access to three powerful tools and a clear structured user interface.

Engineer, planner or pipe fitter working in the Building Services, Plant Engineering, Semiconductor, Solar, Optoelectronics, Chemical, Life science, Petrochemical, Water treatment, Food, Biochemical, Pharmaceutical, or Ship building industry? If any of this applies to you, you should try the 3skeng plug-in which convert your SketchUp installation into a powerful pipeline layout tool. SketchUp and 3skeng covers a broad spectrum of building services and plant engineering.

3skeng Tool 3skeng Rotate Tool
Download 3skeng Free

3skeng convinced, short after the installation you will agree, that you never before worked with a software tool which did allow you to generate faster and more efficient conceptual 3D Pipeline models.

  • Pipe Tool
  • Edit Tool
  • Connect and Rotate Tool
  • 3skeng client

3skeng we will make the following benefits available:

  • High-speed developing of engineering concepts.
  • Quick response to changes and variants.
  • Passing the speed barrier to allow real-time changes during meetings.
  • Cost savings which are the result of the higher efficiency and better conceptual design.

3skeng Pipe Conceptual upgrade Google SketchUp with an icon-bar and give you access to three powerful tools (Pipe Tool, Edit Tool & Connect and Rotate Tool) and a clear structured user interface. We took all the time we needed to develop an easy-to use interface in SketchUp style.

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