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ArcGIS for SketchUp

Zillions of people around the world use Esri’s ArcGIS software to manage, analyze and display their geographic data. Over the last few years, lots of these folks have had to jump through hoops to get their SketchUp models into Esri’s ArcGIS as multipatch data. Placement was difficult, and once the models were in, there was no easy way to make edits to the multipatch geometry itself.

ArcGIS Explorer is a free downloadable application that offers an easy way to access online GIS content and capabilities. With ArcGIS Explorer, you can connect to a variety of free, ready-to-use datasets hosted by ESRI. Combine these with your own local data or other 2D and 3D Web services to create custom maps and perform spatial analysis.


This document describes the process for installing the Google SketchUp Pro 6 GIS Plugin. Google SketchUp Pro 6 GIS Plugin will install various DLL files into both SketchUp Pro 6 and ESRI Arc9.2.

There are a few tasks you should accomplish before installing the Google Sketchup pro 6 GIS plug-in. These are follows-

♦ Disable all “spy-ware” and antivirus software. DLL registration can be interpreted as virus-like activity.
♦ Uninstall previous version of the Sketchup ArcGIS Plugin.
♦ Install your GIS software.
♦ Install Sketchup Pro6.

This plug-in enables ArcGIS professionals to create and visualize highly-detailed three-dimensional textured models based on their GIS data. GIS professionals with the 3D Analyst extension can also use their SketchUp models as 3d Marker Symbols or export them as Multipatch features for further analysis in ArcGIS. Compatible with ESRI ArcGIS 9.2.

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