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SpecifiCAD Plug-in

SpecifiCAD TM Google SketchUp™ 7 delivers relevant building product data to the designer's Desktop within the BIM environment using CADalytic Media's patent-pending technology. CADalytic Media through SpecifiCAD™ delivers the functionality of the Sweets Network® to provide manufacturer content directly on the BIM desktop.

Designers can quickly access CAD details, SketchUp™ 3D models, catalogs, three-part specifications, and Green information. SpecifiCAD™ also delivers relevant Google 3D Warehouse™ content including the McGraw-Hill Construction Sweets3D Collection content to the Desktop.

SpecifiCAD for other Platforms

Remember that SpecifiCAD is available for all major architectural software solutions. These versions all leverage the SpecifiCAD Sweets Network and Google 3D Warehouse user interface.

SpecifiCAD SketchUp SpecifiCAD SketchUp
Download SpecifiCAD™

Google 3D Warehouse™, SpecifiCAD™ for Google SketchUp™ 7 integrates with SketchUp 7's new Dynamic Component technology. When designers replace existing components in their designs with Scalable Dynamic Components, the new components are scaled automatically and parametrically to the old component dimension. SpecifiCAD™ for CAD® BIM Models Architecture 2009 delivers relevant Google 3D Warehouse.

Both SpecifiCAD™ for Google SketchUp™ 7 and for CAD® BIM Models Architecture 2009 display McGraw-Hill Construction's new Sweets Network® interface with the same linking enhancement available in previous versions of SpecifiCAD™.

SpecifiCAD™ delivers relevant product data for the selected component. At any time, the designer can simply click on a hyperlink or icon in the SpecifiCAD™ Sweets Network® window to get more detailed building product information. Designers can then incorporate BIM and specification data back into their design documents.

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