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ICEvision uses videogame technology and architectural-quality images that allow model designers to intuitively explore and share their SketchUp models with any audience. ICEvision is a web-based tool offering either real-time interactive fly-throughs or a more passive shared movie experience.

Once a model is produced in SketchUp the creator clicks "Capture in ICEvision." They then produce a guided fly-through of the space with annotations or simply publish an interactive self-guided tour. It is saved on a secure ICEvision website from where the creator can share the design with clients, colleagues or friends via a link. The recipient does not require any software or Google SketchUp to view the ICEvision model. No one viewing the model can tamper with the design and the creator can choose to limit viewers or make it widely available. Downloads typically take two minutes or less.

ICEvision is a platform-neutral plug-in for the following 3D software platforms:

♦ Revit
♦ Google SketchUp Pro
♦ AutoCAD Architecture
♦ 3DS Max
♦ 20/20 Giza Studio
♦ Configura

ICEvision gives you portability with the option of security. If you don't mind the world seeing your model, you can choose the Quick Share option. You will still send it to your select group, but they can also pass it along to others who would like to see your work.

However, if you need to protect your intellectual property or your client's, you can use the Secure Share option. In this case, your recipients must register to look at your model and even if they pass your original email link along, no one outside your list of approved audience can gain access to it.

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