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OpenStudio is a cross-platform (Windows, Mac, and Linux) collection of software tools to support whole building energy modeling using EnergyPlus and advanced daylight analysis using Radiance. OpenStudio is an open source project to facilitate community development, extension, and private sector adoption. OpenStudio includes graphical interfaces along with a Software Development Kit (SDK).

OpenStudio was created by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory for the U.S. Department of Energy.

Openstudio Model

Designed to integrate seamlessly with the SketchUp environment, the plugin allows you to use the standard SketchUp tools to create and edit EnergyPlus zones and surfaces. You can explore your EnergyPlus input files by using all of the native SketchUp 3D capabilities to view the geometry from any vantage point, apply different rendering styles, and perform accurate shadowing studies. The plugin allows you to mix EnergyPlus simulation content with decorative content such as background images, landscaping, people, and architectural finish details—all within the same SketchUp model.

The plugin adds the building energy simulation capabilities of EnergyPlus to the SketchUp environment. You can launch an EnergyPlus simulation of the model you are working on and view the results without leaving SketchUp.

Highlights of the beta version of OpenStudio include:

♦ The ability to create and edit EnergyPlus zones and surfaces
♦ The ability to launch EnergyPlus and view the results without leaving SketchUp

This plugin makes it easier to work with EnergyPlus. However, expertise in using EnergyPlus at the text level is highly recommended for performing successful and accurate simulations

Software Requirements:

♦ Google SketchUp 6 for Windows 2000/XP/Vista or Google SketchUp 7 for Windows XP/Vista
♦ EnergyPlus Version 3.0.0

A version for Mac OS X is not currently available, but is under development.

This plugin is compatible with both the Free and the Pro versions of Google SketchUp. EnergyPlus must be installed on your computer for full access to all of the plugin functionality. However, EnergyPlus can be installed after the plugin.

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