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IFC2SKP for SketchUp 8 Version 0.86 Beta is a plug-in for Google SketchUp 8 only. This application works inside SketchUp and has the ability to load IFC data from popular BIM (CAD) applications such as ArchiCAD, Revit and Microstation. 

IFC2SKP is in beta and is free to use. There are no time rescrictions or limits. Feel free to give us your feedback on the IFC2SKP forum. Furthermore, the ruby script that comes with IFC2SKP is an open source for developers.

IFC2SKP Model IFC2SKP Model in SketchUp
Download IFC2SKP Plugin

Import, edit and render inside SketchUp

The IFC2SKP plug-in has the potential of allowing you to import your ArchiCAD, Revit, Microstation models into SketchUp, add SketchUP materials to the model and then rendering it using Podium.

How it works- Download and then install IFC2SKP plug-in. Make sure SketchUp is closed before installing. Once the plug-in is installed, access it from the Plug-ins menu in SketchUp 6. Download the PDF manual and sample IFC files as well. After installing, open Sketchup. Next, Select IFC Converter from SketchUp's plug-ins menu and click "Show Model" in the fly out menu. An explorer dialog box should open up which allows you to select the IFC file you wish to import. We have made three IFC files available for you to experiment with. Select your file and click "Open."

To view the BIM data on each imported object, go to the IFC Converter menu and pick Toggle IFC Property Dialogue. Then click on one of the objects of the model which have been converted to SketchUp groups.

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