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The power of CADspan is the geometry resurfacer - a new approach to file preparation for 3D printing. Rather than assume that the input data has been created with a solid modeling program and the file might need repair, repositioning, slicing or scaling, CADspan simply takes the approach that what you see on your screen looks like a model that should be printable.

CAD Span Model CAD Span Model
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The CADspan engine uses your geometry to perform a virtual 'shrink-wrap' and outputs an entirely new STL file that describes the exterior of your CAD file. This new STL file is a single, solid object, ready to 3D print. The Plugin also provides several tools to ease the process of preparing a model for 3D printing:

  • Resurfacer: Shrink wrap a model into one continuous, solid mesh
  • STL Import/Export
  • 3D Print Visualization Style: A visual style that highlights problem areas in a model
  • Layerize tool: Easily move all geometry within components and groups to a layer
  • Smooth/Unsmooth: Toggle smoothing on a model's rounded geometry
  • Free Version for personal use and small applications

CADspan Plugin for Google SketchUp User Guide - This guide will teach you to use the CADspan Plugin for Google SketchUp to create solid, 3D printable geometry from your Google SketchUp model.

Before you begin, please make sure you have downloaded and installed the CADspan Plugin for Google SketchUp. To verify installation, open the Google SketchUp application and look for the CADspan toolbar-

More Information about CADspan Plugins:

CADspan Tutorial

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