How to Migrate from Classic to Subscription in SketchUp

You've probably heard by now, but just in case you missed it, SketchUp will switch to a subscription-based model starting in November 2020. With just over a year remaining before users must switch to the new subscription model and take advantage of the latest SketchUp features and software, users will be able to migrate at a discounted rate for the next 12 months.

Why you need Migration of SketchUp

Management Ease

Subscribing to SketchUp will make it much easier to manage employees' access to the software. Not knowing who was using which Classic license and keeping track of multiple licenses have always been a hassle.

Compared to Classic licenses, subscriptions offer an Admin dashboard. You can give or remove access to employees as well as increase or decrease the number of seats. Regardless of who has access, you will always know. If an employee leaves you, revoke access and reassign the entitlement to someone else.


Subscribers have easier time accessing SketchUp software, which allows for more effective budgeting. If you purchase any additional subscriptions during your one-year term, they will also expire on the same day as your original purchase.

That means you won't be renewing licenses throughout the year. Your SketchUp subscription is easy to budget for since you make one payment a year.

Updating New Features all Time

From 4th November 2020, SketchUp will operate on a subscription model, so classic perpetual licenses will discontinue. As new features and releases are released, subscribers will have access to them.

Additional Products

As a result of Trimble's cloud services, subscribers can improve workflows and enhance the quality of their designs. You can store lots of data with Trimble Connect. SketchUp for Web premium has an impressive analytics feature, and virtual reality for mobile devices.

Subscription Process

The classic single-user license can purchase at a 1:1 ratio, one subscription per classic single-user license.

A network license can purchase in at a ratio of 1:4. A customer can take four subscriptions for every network seat.

Customers will be unable to migrate classic licenses after December 4th, 2021, and instead will have to purchase a brand new SketchUp Pro subscription at ?235. For subscriptions, only one named user can use them during the subscription term, with no re-assignment permitted except in the following circumstances:

  • Seats can be accidentally assigned to the wrong end-user during the purchase process.
  • Seats can be reassigned once during the subscription term if an end-user leaves your company while the subscription is in effect.
  • Reassigning a seat is possible at the time of renewal. You must assign subscriptions to a specific email address and not just a generic one.

Benefits of SketchUp?s Migration Now

Consequently, customers with SketchUp Classic licenses after 4th December 2021 will not be able to upgrade to the latest version of the software at a discounted rate and will have to purchase a new subscription with a price of ?235 per user. Additionally, you will no longer receive support as part of your Classic Licenses.

To learn more, watch the following video tutorial.

Video Source: askNK

However, the good news is you can still migrate over to a subscription license and take advantage of the discount available if you wish to maintain the current version of SketchUp and enjoy ongoing support.

Wrapping it Up

Perpetual license holders are still able to use existing single-user installations.

Following their conversion to subscriptions, network licenses will deactivate 30 days later. When an active Maintenance and Support plan converts, it cannot reinstate. All Terms and Conditions must accept. Before placing an order on the SketchUp website, the seller must receive the customer's approval of the terms. Subscriptions will commence on the day of conversion. Renewals in years 2 and 3 will not be at a discounted rate, depending on their migration offer. Total subscription charges are currently ?235.00 per user.

How to Migrate from Classic to Subscription in SketchUp