Top 10 SketchUp Plugin for Scheduling

1. BoxUp XYZ

The BoxUp extension for SketchUp Dynamic Components now adds Dynamic Materials, Costing, and Lists, as well as 14 new dynamic functions. In addition to working with modular systems based on sheets/profiles, this feature is useful for kitchens, office furniture, shelving, wardrobes, aluminum profile systems, etc.

You can use any sheet-based material, including MDF, plywood, glass, and acrylic. Using linear materials such as aluminum profiles, edge bands, and gaskets will help achieve better results.

You can make your collections of components or you can create collections for clients. Among the dynamic components provided by BoxUp for kitchen design are a wide range of dynamic components. Utilize it as a reference, the basis for building your own, or anything in between.

For more information, visit: boxup.xyz

2. mc_Compo-ID

Definition texts of compos can be placed at insertion points on top. It shows only its outline, an independent tag & 3D text. Select the compo by right-clicking.

Text's height should be smaller than the component's width.

For more information, visit: formation-sketchup-quebec.com

3. BiMUp 5D for SketchUp

With BIMUP and SketchUp, you can create BIM models for any application.

BIMUP Ltd has created its first product called BIMUP 5D, which is directly related to the use of BIM on a daily basis. Simple, but remarkable, the software allows the creation of quantities from SketchUp models. Technical details are contained in the product details and demonstrated through video demonstrations.

To learn more, watch the following video tutorial.

For more information, visit: bimup.co.uk

4. Curic Scene Manager

1. Scenes can be managed via Tree view User interference.
2. The properties of the cameras, shadows, styles can be copied and pasted from one scene to another.
3. Reorder position
4. 2D export
5. Send to Layout
6. Working with Curic Section

For more information, visit: gumroad.com

5. nz_EasyGroups

1. It is also known as nz_BatchRename.
2. Add sequential numbering and/or prefixes/suffixes to batch renaming.
3. Functions are grouped by function.
4. Including all entities connected in one group with nz_EasyGroups.
5. Any entity that is not already grouped can be created easily with this tool.
6. Any loose entities that are connected to the selection will be grouped together.
7. Groups can be named and layered by the user.
8. Any selection can be grouped with nz_EasyGroups.
9. The selection of entities is identical to the above; however, groups, components, and entities can be mixed.

Changing the batch name to Functions

? In batch renaming, add the name to the sequence
? Outliner provides the ability to rename groups with/without sequential numbers. This helps distinguish between different groups.

Adding a new name to the core with batch rename

? By using this tool, a prefix and/or suffix can be added to the current group name. In this way, outliners' maximum effectiveness is maximized and duplicates complex models most efficiently. Additionally, you can take full advantage of the outliner.

To learn more, watch the following video tutorial.

For more information, visit: extensions.sketchup.com

6. Oob layouts

1. Using a simple button, you can create complex layouts:
2. Creating 3D layouts,
3. It calculates surfaces and quantities and manages cut parts.
4. You can edit again, undo, and apply it to another face.
5. You can create irregular layouts by having length, width, and random thickness values
6. Create your own predefined presets and save them for later
7. Defining multilayer layouts
8. It is suitable for paving, siding, flooring, tiling, and any other rectangular pattern.

For more information, visit: oob.duckdns.org

7. WinDoor+

1. WinDoor+ is designed primarily for architects and building designers who need to create and edit windows and doors that are beautiful, well proportioned, and easy to install.
2. WinDoor+ enables you to construct complex windows and doors that you can edit to resemble those included in your project's catalog within seconds. WinDoor+ provides a means to match the proportions of your detailed catalog profiles in a simpler and smaller file format by allowing you to customize the door frame, door leaf, and window profile sizes, glass/panel thickness, and glass/panel retaining details within the profile.
3. A new feature of this edition is the ability to design rectangular windows that closely match the profile details of the window manufacturer. Using these windows sparingly in your projects will be effective because they will be information-heavy. It's perfect for sections that contain detailed information.

To learn more, watch the following video tutorial.

For more information, visit: mcshane-architect.co.uk

8. Memo

1. When subscription licenses are due for renewal, the plug-in makes a note of it
2. Creating reminders to remind you of important dates like license renewals is a good idea.
3. Reminders are sent at a good time.
4. You can specify when and how early to display reminders in the settings.

To learn more, watch the following video tutorial.

For more information, visit: joachimvonrost.com

9. nz_RunningTape

There are three functions that this Extension allows you to utilize:


1: TRAVEL: Measure the running dimensions along the path.
2: RUNNING: Location of running dimensions between click points.
3: POST-TO-POST: Measure post to post distance between click points.
4: 1+2: Post-to-post measurements are shown in brackets with running dimensions.

It is an ideal tool for anyone who needs to determine travel distances like architects when considering fire safety measures.

There are five settings on a running tape:

Selectable Colors: Paths are easily recognizable
Start Point: Alternative directions can be explored from a given point or choice of direction.
Node Size: Identifies start and critical positions
Text: z-Value: makes dimensions visible or invisible
Alarm (1/2): A special option that caters specifically to fire egress requirements is this option, which allows you to mark two critical points on your path.

For more information, visit: extensions.sketchup.com

10. Timer

By using this extension, SketchUp is automatically closed after the period you have set where it is ok to be inactive in SketchUp, and the SketchUp file is backed up.

In case you forget your computer at work and did not save sketches. As a result, no work is lost, this is good.

Turn off SketchUp for 1 minute or 24 hours if you want.

When you exit SketchUp, the plug-in automatically saves a new file, backs up the SketchUp file, and places it on your desktop as a timer.

To learn more, watch the following video tutorial.

For more information, visit: joachimvonrost.com

Top 10 SketchUp Plugin for Scheduling