Top Six Landscape Architecture Plugins in SketchUp Extension Warehouse

1. MODELUR for Urban Design

MODELUR is a parametric urban design tool impeccably integrated into SketchUp. It helps user quickly create and test different urban design alternatives with the real-time calculation of key urban parameters like FAR, number of apartments, required parking spaces, etc. It also gives Interactive 3D Zoning that includes warnings when the design is not in line with zoning regulations (Buildings are too high or if they place too close together, etc.), GIS data import/export, Live Sync with Excel, and much more.


a) Boost your productivity design 3 to 5 times faster
b) Make well knowledgeable decisions
c) Increase confidence in your design
d) Work directly inside zoning policy
e) Quickly iterate and evaluate design alternatives
f) Focus on the design conclusion


a) flawless integration with SketchUp ,making it as simple as intuitive to use
b) Parametric Buildings, City Blocks and Land Uses - Interactive 3D Zoning
c) Live Sync to Excel only for Windows
d) Real-time calculation of key urban performance indicators (FAR, apartments, parking spaces, etc.)
e) Real-time zoning compliance check (FAR is exceeded or buildings are too close together, etc.)
f) One-click Import of OSM 3D buildings and 2D footprints - GIS (SHP or Geo JSON) import and export.

To learn more, watch the following video tutorial.

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2. Artisan Organic Toolset

Subdivision, Sculpting, and Soft Selection with powerful subdivision, sculpting, and soft selection tools, Artisan is perfect for creating items like Terrain and landscapes Furniture Characters Abstract sculptures and decorative objects like fabric, curtains, and pillows rocks, trees, and plants.

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3. Simplify Contours Tool

This command reduces the number of contour segments.

Import contour line drawings that execute in other CAD applications. SketchUp will often convert polyspline contours into polyline that contain hundreds or even thousands of straight-line segments. This script reduces the number of edge segments that make up the contour lines, which reduces the overall file size making it easier to work with the contours in SketchUp.

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4. Skimp - The Ultimate Polygon Reducer and Importer for Professionals

With Skimp, working with high-poly models is very annoying for user. Speed-Up SketchUp by simplifying your models before or after import! - Keep your model light and fast by simplifying it to the perfect balance of detail and performance. - Select any object in your SketchUp model, simplify, and replace it. Import and decimate models with millions of faces in seconds.

? Import FBX, OBJ, STL, DAE, 3DS, PLY, and VRML.
? PREVIEW the model before importing so user can regulate the scale, orientation and reduce polygons. Models that previously took seemingly forever to import can import by Skimp in seconds!

To learn more, watch the following video tutorial.

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5. s4u Stair 5

Make Stair from Faces Simple, Slab, Zig and Zag, Steps, Extrude, Treads. Make Slope from Faces.

1) Make Stair from Faces:
a. Make Stair - Simple
b. Make Stair - Slab
c. Make Stair ? Zig and Zag
d. Make Stair - Steps
e. Make Stair - Extrude
f. Make Stair -Treads

2. Make Slope from Faces:
a. Make Slope
b. Make Slope Simple
c. Make Slope Solid

3. Shortcut:
a. Ctrl (Alt on Mac) + Select Point > Set Height Stair
b. Ctrl (Alt on Mac) + Select Face > Set Landing
c. Tab > Reverse Direction Stair
d. Double Click on Screen ( or Right-Click) > Set Parameter
e. Double Click on Face > Set Index, Landing.
f. Double Click on Face (1 Selected Face)> Change Start Edge

4. Explode all curves, make curves for the start step and end step.

To learn more, watch the following video tutorial.

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6. Eneroth Upright Extruder

? It helps to extrude profile while keeping it upright.
? In SketchUp, native Follow me keeps the sides of the extrusion straight at no cost of keeping the extrusion upright.
? This extension twists the sides by assuring the extrusion is upright. That can be useful on everything from railings to roads.
? It can be activated from ?Extensions > Upright Extruder*? or its toolbar.

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Top Six Landscape Architecture in SketchUp Extension Warehouse