The Top 5 Extension for Energy Analysis and its Properties from SketchUp Extension Warehouse

1. nz_Sunshine

Visualize a Ray of Light, Solar Data, Sun Angle of Incidence.

Visualizes a ray of light along with some solar data including Sun Angle, Summer Solstice, Winter Solstice, Equinox, Latitude, Longitude, Altitude, and Azimuth is now also available Surface. The angle of Incidence, % Percentage Perpendicularity, HSA, and VSA are here. Sketch up is a great tool allowing you to determine solar entry, and much can achieve via Trial & Error.

However, it is more important to appreciate the physical mechanics of Light and Shadow so that you can more directly access viable solutions. Over the years, I've found that students and non-architects find solar charts and solar analysis a little challenging to grasp, at least in the first instance. Nz_Sunshine provides a visual representation of the relationship between the sun and, form, to further a grass-roots understanding of how shadow castings work. To this end, one can optionally display HSA (Horizontal Sun Angle) & VSA (Vertical Sun Angle).

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2. ArchiWIZARD extension

This extension allows ArchiWIZARD users to synchronize their model (project) from Sketch up. ArchiWIZARD is real time 3D analysis software based on a BIM model directly connected to the architectural CAD solutions on Mac and PC. ArchiWIZARD gives accurate thermal, light, solar gains, and shadows analysis, renewable energy simulation (photovoltaic & thermal solar systems).

That embeds the Energy Plus building energy simulation engine to combine even more accurate building performance analysis with the advanced usability of ArchiWIZARD user interface and interoperability capacities. ArchiWIZARD has evaluated for French regulation RT2012 compliance by CSTB.

ArchiWIZARD informs you about the relevance and performance of your architectural and technical choices regarding energy performance, thermal and visual comfort, and bioclimatic quality for new constructions and refurbishment. It comes with numerous building elements libraries from the sketch.

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3. SunHours

It calculates how much faces are in the sun over the year. Sun Hours lets you fit a grid of desired density to any face or surface and then run an analysis on that grid that determines the amount of time that each grid point is in sunlight over the year, at the dates and times desired.

The output displays as coloring of the grid (which can also be customized) and can export as a CSV file. It can fit a grid to a face, select the faces and click on Plugins > SunHours > Fit grid. To analyze a grid, select it and click on Plugins > SunHours > Calculate sunlight hours to date documentation found on this software.

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4. gModeller

The gbXML and Energy Analysis Plugin.

The G-Modeller plugin enables architects, designers, and energy modelers to use SketchUp to create gbXML files that include the necessary information for more energy modeling. The resulting models can then export into any gbXML compatible tool such as our g-Energy or EnergyPlus.

G-Modeller is easy to use, comfortable with energy and modeling systems, simplifies the process of doing accurate energy analyses, and facilitates early-stage "what-if" scenarios. Trimble Sketch Up has become an intelligent solution for low carbon building design as a result of g-modeller use.

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5. Dynamic Components

Dynamic Components add parametric behaviors and animations.

Dynamic Components are components with main attributes that allow for more advanced functionality. The Dynamic components include parametric functions, a resized stair component of a stair that automatically adds more steps in some cases. In other cases, The Dynamic components include clickable interactions for a cabinet component whose doors can open and close when a user clicks on them with Sketch Up's Interact Tool.

The Dynamic components include additional attribute information such as faucet that includes information such as a Product ID, material finish, and more. 3D Warehouse is an place of excellent of finding dynamic components of all sorts of products, ranging from windows and doors to faucets and fixtures, solar panels and park benches, and more. Appending the search modifier "is: dynamic" to your 3D Warehouse search narrows results to models with dynamic attributes.

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6. Curic Sun

Curic Sun makes the solar chart. You can use different angles and dimensions to build this diagram. It works like a virtual 3d compass where you can measure any angle you desire.

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The top 5 Extension for Energy Analysis and its Properties from SketchUp Extension Warehouse