Real-Time Visualization and its Advantages

To solve the problems related to urbanization and climate change we, the architectural ecosystem, must continue to build knowledge as use tools to bring about a change. Real-time visualization will help us reach there. By using tools such as Encapsule we can estimate whether or not our project is constructional. This helps the client to view and understand how the project will look like in real life.


Architecture has always been an integral part of our life. Architecture provides us shelter from natural calamities. Architecture is also essentially a visual medium. Thus, to understand the construction of a project it is important to view and understand it.

The responsibility of an architect is to find a balance between cost, aesthetics and performance. With technological advancement we now have tools to visualize our idea and understand how a project will look aesthetically and can even be viewed by unprofessional to get an idea. The advantage of such tools does not simply end at visualization but continues to be even useful for the environment. By understanding the local surrounding one can prevent the destruction of mature vegetation, reduce non-porous surfaces and storm water runoff.


Architects and engineers are well-versed with how to design a 3D structure in a 2D format but it is very difficult to present that in front of clients who are not used to the structural representation of a 3D structure in 2D format.

This leads to misunderstanding and also lack of trust as the client cannot see and understand how the structure will look like when physically constructed. This leads to not receiving client approval on time and a disruption of the whole work schedule.

While proceeding with the construction of the building it is important to understand the context of it. How the building would affect the urban fabric, whether or not it will positively or even negatively affect the surrounding which includes micro-climate-wildlife, vegetation, heat island effect, wind, and others. With available tools now both visualization and the deep understanding on context is possible.


An immerse three dimensional walk through the structure benefits every party involved which includes the clients, the stakeholders and the end users. The building?s proportions, adjacencies and relations are clearly understood by the clients.

This experience where every party involved in the project can view it even without expertise can be termed as democratization. With the help of Encapsule everyone can be a part of the visual journey and can this will also lead to the flattening of the learning curve.


Thanks to Encapsule?s real-time rendering feature and live-sync technology clients can watch the design changes immediately, thereby, shortening the feedback loop.


With real-time rendering you can guide your client through the previous projects you walked in without the need to physically travel to the destination.


By using Encapsule to present your project you can guide your client through the design and plan, the quality-Encapsule generated graphics will help the client understand the information better.


This is the most crucial step where using real-time rendering will be extremely useful. During this step you can update your client constantly about the various developments taking place in your design.


By using real-time rendering you can easily discover changes early and rectify your mistakes before causing issues in the practical field which can potentially compromise the functionality and design intent.


Certain decisions are kept to be taken during the construction phase. Real time rendering can be used to visualize the selection of final materials and layouts. This will help the client to discover the space in their own pace and pose questions about areas they have doubt about.


The need for better tool and responsible structures will keep on increasing with the increase in urbanization. Encapsule might not be able to solve all problems but it does provide high quality visualization which will be helpful for all parties involved in the project.

Real-time visualization is a revolutionary feature in the AEC industry creating a sense of democratization with access to the idea of the structure to all involved.

Real-Time Visualization and its Advantages
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