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Review of Sketchup 2017

In this sketchup video, Robson Jacobsen, CEO of Jacobsen3D, briefly reviews the primary new features of sketchup 2017.

The most vital modification is made to rectangle tool in SketchUp 2017. Now, there is a small pre-drawn rectangle that will facilitate the users to choose the axis automatically on which the drawing will be produced. It is also possible to lock the axis with the use of the arrow keys.

Other crucial enhancement is that the location of sketchup has been modified in which the components are saved. The users will be able to smoothly load/insert their components into the projects.

The speed is also significantly enhanced (minimum 20% to 30%). SketchUp 2017 offers the new graphics (line work, transparent materials, shadows, etc) in both SketchUp and Layout.

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Review of Sketchup 2017