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How to use push/pull tool in sketchup to generate new faces

This is another useful video presentation by Justin Geis. The video briefly highlights how to use push pull tool of sketchup to produce new faces.

The Push/Pull tool is applied to generate a 3D shape out of a flat face or slice a 3D shape out of any model. The push/pull tool can be used for any type of face along with circular, rectangular, and abstract faces.

Just click on a face one time to initiate pushing/pulling it, shift your cursor unless you prefer what you see, and then click for a second time to discontinue pushing/pulling.

Push/Pull is well matched with flat faces. In order to apply it for a curved face, apply something else.

Given below, some useful tips for using push/pull tool :-

If it is required to push/pull a face that?s is very hard to choose, use select tool to preselect the face and then push/pulling the face. If you require to make a fresh start, press Esc.

If you require to pull a face with the intention that it?s parallel with another face, get help from the SketchUp inference engine. Prior to pull the face, hover the Push/Pull cursor over the other face, and the inference engine will notify you when the two faces are parallel.

As soon as you push/pull to add volume to your model, it is possible to double the size of the extrusion or generate a individual but equivalent extrusion:

? To replicate the extrusion on a diverse face, double-click another face.
? To stack an equivalent extrusion on top of the current one, Ctrl+double-click (Microsoft Windows) or Option+double-click (Mac OS X)


How to use push/pull tool in sketchup to generate new faces