PathCopy and ParthCopyPro for Sketchup

Rick Wilson has developed PathCopy and ParthCopyPro for sketchup. This plugin is compatible with SketchUp 6, SketchUp 7, SketchUp 8,SketchUp 2013, SketchUp 2014. The sketchup users can apply this plugin to copy a group as well as component down a path. The users will be able to choose a path that range from edge/curve/polyline and then opt for a group or component to copy by the side of the chosen path.

The sketchup users can copy the group or component to predefined spacing. In order to do that, just put the distance into the value control box (vcb) of sketchup. Alternatively the users can put 0(zero) to copy to the path?s vertices. Put the equals sign (=) before a number to assign the distance to that many equal spaces. As for instant, type =8 to produce 9 copies at 1/8 the total path length apart.

The most updated version of PathCopy is PathCopyPro 1. It includes some useful features to PathCopy.

With PathCopyPro, the sketchup users get the ability to choose an edge, curve, or polyline path, and afterward find an group or component to copy across that path. The users will be able to copy to the vertices of the path, or set out a distance amid copies.

PathCopyPro contains the following exclusive features:-

  • toggle group/component rotation on and off with shift button
  • toggle reverse path direction with the tab button
  • toggle make every copy unique with the ctrl button
  • "dividing" the path into a preferred number of segments with a copy of the chosen group/component at the end of every segment.

The users can avail the plugin from sketchup extension warehouse. Go to plugin menu and click on PathCopy or PathCopyPro to turn on it. Choose a path and then find out a group or component to copy.

While the tool is active, the users can modify the spacing of the copies or apply any of the modifier keys as mentioned above.

One can also download it from, a resource hub for sketchup plugin or tools.

PathCopy and ParthCopyPro for Sketchup