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Demo of fracture plugin for sketchup

Fracture for SketchUp facilitates the users to break any solids into several pieces and produce further collection of fractured solids.

This sketchup plugin is developed by renowned plugin developer TIG.

It is also known as a sketchup entity fragmentation plugin that supports custom fragmentation levels (up to level 10) and size ratios and demonstrates the blast effect. The plugin is very useful for physics simulations.

The plugin also provides good result while painting a scene. It is also very effective for shattering objects. But there is a limitation that the object should be a solid group.

In the plugin, there are various options like iterations, size, X variance, Y variance, Z variance, jitter and form. The form section is sub-categorized as stacked, exploded and scaled.

Click on the following link to download the plugin

To get online demonstration of the plugin, go through the following video tutorial.

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Demo of fracture plugin for sketchup