SketchUcation published the newest D?oh book for sketchup

The D'oh Book for SketchUp is a publication from SketchUcation Community members that contains some handy tips and tricks to make your sketchup workflows superior.

In 2009 Miguel Lescano initiated a topic highlighting his disconcerting exposure in applying sketchup. Later on It was known as the ?The D?oh Thread? and in the intervening years it was a undisclosed place on the internet to distribute your disconcerting SketchUp moments.

The book accumulates killer tips and techniques in apply SketchUp.

This book is specifically designed for everybody that publish their D?oh moments for others to be guided by.

There are no chapters, sections and logical pattern. Just get the book and open any page to gather knowledge on anything ranging from tips and techniques to hidden easter eggs. By exploring this book one will be familiar with something new about sketchup.

If anybody wishes to share his/her own D?oh, just send an email to a to get D?oh published in future publication.

To read the book online, go through the following link

SketchUcation published the newest D?oh book for sketchup