Become a Pro with BoolTools 2 for SketchUp & learn its basic features

As you proceed through this tutorial, you will be able to create multiple bolts using BoolTools operations. It's free or it guarantees better results than SketchUp Solid Tools.

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You can purchase in 29 U.S dollar.

Download BoolTools 2 for SketchUp

Union Tool

Solid components or Groups are the only objects you can use with BoolTools. A solid can be combined with another solid using the Union tool.

You will receive a notice if you use any BoolTools operation and one of the objects is not solid.

Difference Tool

You can subtract the second selected solid from the first solid with the difference tool.

Intersection Tool

You can replace two solids with their interaction by using the intersection tool.

Trim Tool

To use a solid to trim another solid and keep both, you can use the trim tool.

Split Tool

Split Tools make it easy to intersect two solids and keep all the results.

Single Object Union

To assemble all nested solids into one, click a single object.

To learn more, watch the following video tutorial.

Video Source: mind.sight.studios

About BoolTools 2

In fact, BoolTools' original plug-in had some useful functions, especially for dealing with small complex objects. However, there were some limitations.

The internal SketchUp geometry engine sometimes has trouble with handling high-precision intersections required for Boolean operations. It is a problem even for Pro Solid Tools.

It's because of this that so many Solid Tools users have adopted the copy and 'scale-up' workflow to avoid failures. As well as those limitations, we have improved some of those with BoolTools.

Become a Pro with BoolTools 2 for SketchUp & learn its basic features