AW Proxy for Enscape3d

AW Proxy for Enscape3d is the new sketchup extension added to the extension warehouse. This newest sketchup extension supports SketchUp 2016, SketchUp 2017, SketchUp 2018.

Generate (low poly rather than standard box) proxy from component in SketchUp to be applied with Enscape3d

Transform component to Low Poly proxy:

1. Right click on a component that should be substituted with a low poly version and choose the option "AW Create Proxy".

2. All instances of this component will be substituted with the low poly version and the original component is saved in the similar location as the SketchUp model.

3. While applying Enscape, the low poly version will be substituted with Enscape for rendering.


- Edges should be activated in the Style to view the proxy in SketchUp
- Only apply on components with nested components which remain unused in other places in the model. All entities within these nested components will be cleared.

Download this extension from extension warehouse extension warehouse.

To get online demonstration of the plugin, go through the following video.

Video Source Guy Wydouw

AW Proxy for Enscape3d