Artisan for SketchUp: Creating an Armchair

Open SketchUp and add Artisan, an add-on that allows you to create, edit, and optimize organic shapes without a problem. We can both reduce and increase the number of polygons in the mesh by using this tool.

In artisan, low poly rough modeling is crucial to the creation of an armchair. For greater control, use the line tool for manual triangulation. Next, subdivide and smooth the test.

Download Artisan Organic Toolset for SketchUp

Then, you can undo the changes and refine the low poly model again. It is possible to refine the model further.

A second test of the model is using the Subdivide & Smooth Tool. This internal face was causing unwanted effects and can be deleted.

Several unwanted holes were found and will be fixed using the Crease tool. Vertices & Edges can be locked in place using the Crease Tool so they won't move when the model is divided. If you would like, you subdivide and smooth again after the crease.

If there are any gaps, you can check. Afterwards, you undo the changes and refine the model. If the armrest needs to be checked, you subdivide & smooth it again.

An adjustment of vertices is made to adjust curvature and add details. With the line and move tools, you can add more details.

It's time for the final details to be added to the base model. The base model is complete & now for the final details. You can be texturing the model using SketchUV and Road-kill. Now you can successfully create an armchair using Artisan in SketchUp.

To learn more, watch the following video tutorial.

Video Source: mind.sight.studios

About Artisan

A SketchUp extension, Artisan delivers powerful modeling tools for organic shapes, including furniture, characters, abstract sculptures, fabric, curtains, pillows, rocks, tree trunks, and plants.

Artisan for SketchUp: Creating an Armchair