Reduce your time significantly to create 2D, 3D drawings & 3D renders with WIC3D

Wicona, the leading solution provider in Aluminum fa?ade, has recently launched a new software tool that can significantly minimize the necessary time for generating 2D and 3D drawings and 3D renders.

WIC3D is based on digital drawing platform that can be applied from the initial phases of schematic design. The designers will be able to discover alternative fa?ade solutions. It can function with the description, analysis and visualization of architecture and facilitates project stakeholders to evaluate the influence of various fa?ade choices and changes.

The user-friendly tool allows architects, engineers and fabricators to draw initial design concepts and ideas instantly and efficiently as well as integrate Wicona?s extremely engineered curtain walling, window, door and solar shading systems.

WIC3D is a perfect modeling software for designing, visualizing, documenting, and communicating fa?ade solutions.

WIC3D can generate perfectly scaled drawings and at the same time enhance exactness and save time. The fa?ade designs are demonstrated both internally and externally facilitating proportions, configurations and options for being evaluated and developed.

The modeling tool is specially created to interface with most recognized CAD systems to import and export 2D and 3D design drawings.

WIC3D offers the following functionalities:

? 3D visualizations generated with Google SketchUp can be imported into WIC3D to create and demonstrate 3D renders highlighting WICONA fa?ade systems where necessary in the 3D construction.
? 2D elevation drawings can be delivered into WIC3D to be applied as a template to produce 3D renders. These can then be exported to be applied with all leading CAD software together with AutoCAD?, Bentley?, ArchiCAD and ADT.
? It is also possible to export 3D renders to be applied with Google SketchUp or in 3ds format to be applied with AutoDesk 3ds Studio Max.

One can access WIC3D through the Wicona WIC3D website for a free 30-day trial ( and there is a demonstration video to view.

To get more information, send mail to or call 0845 602 8799.

Reduce your time significantly to create 2D, 3D drawings & 3D renders WIC3D
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