Xuver multi user browser viewer for sketchup

Xuver multi user browser viewer is first ever in-browser viewer in the globe developed by Xuver. This online viewing platform facilitates the users to access SketchUp models anytime and anyplace.

With this newest sketchup plugin, it is possible to walk together with your client around in the 3D world and convey through the voice module.

Xuver multi user browser viewer offers the following features :-

Everybody concerned is invited into the model and walk around in it instantly. The interface of Xuver is user-friendly so that everybody will be able to apply it devoid of any special training. Everybody concerned just applies the common keyboard functions to navigate their avatar through the model.

The users get the ability to actually walk in and out of their models with a 3D figure. Everybody inside the model will be able to utilize the in-built voice module to communicate.

In viewer, the designers will be able to upload their own files. Change your design quickly into a .xr file, a format specifically developed with Xuver. The converted file can be uploaded in the backend system as a new project, set the avatar position and the users can freely walk in and around their very own model quickly. Your Sketchup model is transformed to a 3D world.

Viewer can efficiently maintain communication smooth and clear devoid of the size & complexity of the work. Besides, a voice module is added inside the viewer to streamline the works through the microphone on your device. With this additional function, everyone concerned can speak in real-time.

Other two striking features of Xuver are high interactivity and outstanding user-friendliness. To utilize the viewer, simply download free Sketchup extension. The extension is required to convert your file into a Xuver (.xr) file, which can be uploaded into the Backend system.

A free trial version is available for 2 weeks. To avail it, click on the following link app.xuver.com/trial

To get more details, go through the following video tutorial.

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Xuver multi user browser viewer for sketchup