Window+ is a powerful sketchup extension to create & edit windows in building models

Francis Mc Shane, the renowned architect and writer of various ruby plugins, has introduced Window+. It is a useful sketchup extension for formation & editing window. This sketchup extension is specifically designed for building designers to simply generate and edit nice looking, well proportioned rectangular windows.

Window+ is compatible with sketchup 2016.

By applying Window+, the designer will be able to instantly produce any rectangular window layout as well as size the profiles to fit the detailed profiles out of the manufacturer's data. This process will make the windows look similar to the real windows, particularly when the paint bucket tool inside sketchup is applied to add a finish. The users can also pull out various BIM object data like profile length and glass area.

Window+ originates earlier free sketchup extension alias WinDoor. Window+ is completely rewritten on the basis of feedback on WinDoor with superior and more powerful algorithms for the smooth formation and editing of all windows. With this extension, the sketchup modelers can easily add windows to their building models.

Window+ is a powerful sketchup extension