Introduce the new version of SketchUp 2022 and how it differs from previous versions

It is now possible to search SketchUp 2022 on the desktop, a feature previously available only through SketchUp for Web. You can use it to look up and activate commands by typing.

This method helps you find the SketchUp results relevant to your workflows, including elevation, Boolean, and chamfer queries. Search also returns toolbar or menu listings for installed extension commands in SketchUp Pro. Press Shift plus S or click the icon on the far left of the Getting Started toolbar to open the Search toolbar.

Features of SketchUp2022


Clicking entities in the modeling window let you apply tags using the Tag tool. Use the tool's Sample modifier to select a tag from a model entity or select an individual tag in the Tags panel. Keep your eyes open for a tooltip that indicates an application or sample is about to begin. The bounding highlight of a purple entity will blink once you have tagged it.


You can draw selection bounds with Lasso, a selection tool. Create a window bounding loop by clicking-dragging and moving the cursor clockwise for selecting the whole entity. Make a counterclockwise crossing bounding loop to select partially contained entities. This selection is distinct with a stippled line. You can reverse the directional behavior of Lasso in Preferences and then in Drawing.

Moreover, Lasso lets you select entities one at a time and works with the same modifier patterns as Select. The new default shortcut for Lasso is Shift plus Spacebar.

2 & 3 Point Arc

Inference tangent locks have been added to the 2-Point and 3-Point Arc tools. You can now lock tangency so that the next click will create a tangent arc from an existing edge.

The Alt key on Windows and the Command key on Mac toggle this inference lock. To request an edge as the basis for an arc, you can hover over it before clicking to initiate it when multiple edges intersect. It is possible to conduct inferences with or without a lock.

Improvement of Freehand Tool

The Freehand tool has allowed for the smoother creation of curve entities. Freehand curves now have a higher segmentation rate than previous versions. The segmentation of a curve may be incrementally decreased after it has been drawn, and SketchUp will give you visual feedback with each decrease. Modifier keys provide access to segment control in the Status Bar.

Additionally, Freehand now offers the option of locking an axis before beginning a drawing. In addition, adjacent faces may be drawn across different planes.

Scene Search Tool

There is no easy way to identify the desired scene from a list of dozens of scenes in a model. The new search filter is located adjacent to the Scene Tabs in SketchUp 2022. You can type a scene name in two or more scenes. You can jump to a particular scene by clicking on its name in the search results and selecting it in the Scenes panel.

Other Notable Features

Improvement of Section Planes

Likely, you won't need only one or two section planes in a model. The visibility of each section plane becomes mutually exclusive with selection, sampling, and painting as the number of section planes increases. Our picking logic has been changed to ensure that if section planes are visible, entities they obscure will still be picked. When section planes are visible, picking, painting, tagging, and sampling become much easier.

Improvements of Clipping Planes

The clipping problem occurs when the camera cannot correctly interpret model geometry when users navigate to modeling window views. This leads to the improper display of the geometry. The changes in this new SketchUp release should reduce clipping in a few scenarios.

Standard Views around Model Axes

The Standard View commands in previous versions of SketchUp were Top, Front, and Right. These commands did not respect modified model axes. As a result, the Align View command must align the vertical and horizontal elevation views appropriately.

As a result, Standard Views should now produce custom axes that align with the Standard Views. Furthermore, the Align View command can access through the Context Menu regardless of whether other entities selection such as edges or objects.

Layout Improvement

Selection of Zoom

In order to use scroll-to-zoom functionality on Layout pages, they often become more complicated as details and complexity increase. The new Zoom Selection command in Layout will enable you to jump your view to a selected area, reducing the chance of experiencing a lag when zooming in. You can access this command from the context menu, the View menu, the page navigation menu, and as an icon on the toolbar.

To learn more, watch the following video tutorial.

Video Source: SketchUp

Additional Auto Text Items

SketchUp is introducing new tags that can be selected from the Auto-Text menu in label creation as well as used in scrapbook labels along with existing labels that pull attributes from SketchUp entities. The label must point to geometry in the viewport to enable these tags.

Scrapbooks can benefit from labels. In other words, Auto-Text labels are dragged into a scrapbook. It can automatically display a value when a viewport is selected, even in cases where no line is desired.

Downloading SketchUp 2022

Find & Replace Text Tool

Multiple ways are available for creating and copying layout documents across multiple pages. However, you have had a hard time modifying text across an entire page or document until now. Find & Replace in Layout makes it easy to make changes to a selection, a page, or an entire document. You can access Find & Replace from the Text menu in Layout as well as using the Ctrl + F shortcut on your desktop or Command + F on your Mac.

Introduce the new version of SketchUp 2022 and how it differs from previous versions
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