Authentic visualization in Lumion

Lumion is software based on 3D. This software is specially made for architects. It is very easy to use. So, everybody can use it to make 3D models. Lots of 3D software knowledge does not require to use this Lumion software. It is very popular visualization software for architects.

It also can change the 3D CAD designs into videos, images and online presentation. This software also helps the professionals to add environment elements like plants, animals, objects, different effect. Lumion takes much less time for rendering. Lumion has superfast rendering.

Advantages of Lumion 3D

1. Anybody can use this software.
2. Lumion 3D software Save lots of time.
3. Huge content library available in Lumion 3D software.
4. Visualization of Lumion 3D.
5. Professionals can create authentic visualization.

In this article we will discuss about authentic visualization in Lumion.

Authentic visualization

A.) Times of rendering takes very much less time than others.
B.) Improvement of output quality is also shown there in the software.
C.) Lumion has different kind of collection like curtains, leaves and aged material collection.
D.) Area light option is also available here in this software.
E.) Line light objects are also available in Lumion 3D.
F.) Material editor is revised every time in this software.
G.) In this software rendering option can be expanded.
H.) Rendering option is available here for still images and animation.
I.) Importation of strand can be happened from Open Street Maps.
J.) This type of software has orthographic view.
K.) Animated phasing can be possible in this software.

L.) 401 new objects available in Lumion 3D software.
M.) 61 fine detail nature models are available in this software.
N.) 177 interior models are also available here in this article.
O.) 49 people and animals are also available in this software.
P.) Users can get 17 wood floors and siding in this Lumion 3D software.
Q.) Users can use 5 carpets, 5 bricks, 3 slate panels, 3 sandstone tiles, 2 asphalts, 2 snow in this Lumion 3D software.

Usage of Lumion 3D software

1. By using IES spotlight users can recreate the perfect lighting arrangement.
2. Users also can choice the color by using RAL color picker.
3. Lumion has high quality theater mode. By using this theater mode users can see the high-quality preview before rendering.
4. Basic tutorial also available in Lumion 3D software to help the beginners to understand the software.

5. Lumion 3D software can updated user interfaces easily. Users enjoy seamless workflow while working in this software.
6. Lumion 3D software can also update color picker. It is easy for beginners to choose the right color combination for project.
7. Users can easily enter custom values while rendering in Lumion 3D software.
8. Lumion 3D software also crate perfections while making large building complex scenes.
9. Users can create rendering connection between CAD program and Lumion 3D software.
10. Users also can add the natural environment by using natural elements.
11. Users can also add detailed satellite maps, rivers, farmland, real world terrain by using Lumion 3D software.
12. Users have to download the Open Street Map to track building location Lumion 3D software.
13. Users can use and apply realistic and artistic effect to 360 panoramas by using Lumion 3D software. Users can also run this in their mobile phone, tablet and other gadgets.

Users now experience the new option like micro shadows for spotlights. In Lumion 3D software grass lighting is also improved so users can enjoy this feature also in Lumion 3D software.

In Lumion 3D software rain streaks option is also available for the users. This rain streaks option is part of precipitation effect. This rain streaks option is available for pro members only.

Users also use the atmosphere of fire by using the volumetric fire object. This adds extra coziness to the project. This also help the customers naturally in seconds. Though this volumetric fire object feature is available for pro members only.

Metalic car shader option is also available in Lumion 3D software. It gives an extra effect to the project though this metalic car shader is available for pro users only.

In this article we have discussed about Lumion 3D software and the advantages, features, usages and last but not least authentic visualization of Lumion 3D software.

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Authentic visualization in Lumion