AutoDesSys?s formZ is now integrated with V-ray rendering technology

AutoDesSys?s formZ is now compatible with V-Ray for formZ. With the integration of Chaos Group?s Academy Award-winning V-Ray rendering technology, the formZ users will be able to produce rapid and solid designs with avant-garde visualization in a single solution.

V-Ray for formZ now facilitates the legendary pro modeling program to appply the industry-leading rendering visualization.

V-Ray for formZ offers the following exclusive features:

? Robust hybrid rendering ? The rendering can be performed on Nvidia CUDA GPUs, CPUs or a composition of both.
? Material library ? There are more than 550 realistic, physical-based materials like glass, coated plastics, metals, wood, stone, concrete, etc.
? V-Ray grass and fur ? Now realistic grass, fabrics and carpet can be produced with V-Ray Fur.
? Denosier ? By applying v-Ray denoising technology, it is possible to automatically remove noise and curtail render times by up to 50 percent.
? Aerial perspective ? Include realistic environment and depth to you renders with V-Ray?s new Aerial perspective controls.

? Virtual Reality ? Check designs at 1:1 scale in most recognized VR headsets like Google Cardboard, and Samsung VR.
? Cutaways and Clipper ? Render sections and cutaways smoothly with the V-Ray Clipper.
? Powerful lighting calculations ? With V-Ray Adaptive Lights algorithm, rendering speed is accelerated up to seven times on some scenes.
? V-Ray Frame Buffer ? Now it is possible to adjust your render?s colors, exposure, and more directly in V-Rays frame buffer

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AutoDesSys?s formZ is now integrated with V-ray rendering technology