V-Ray 3.3 for NUKE is launched by Chaos Group

Chaos Group just introduced V-Ray 3.3 for NUKE, the most advanced rendering engine, that supports NUKE, NUKEX, and NUKE STUDIO. With V-Ray 3.3, the 3D artists can experience first ever node-based VR system together with , high speed GPU rendering, more than 200 3.x updates for V-Ray for 3ds Max and Maya.

V-Ray for NUKE facilitates the compositors to modify any 3D asset. The compositors can now obtain all the lighting, shading and rendering elements necessary to accomplish the project independently.

V-Ray for NUKE enhance the creativity level of a 3D artist by producing detailed renders for pitches and treatments, as well as integrating 2D and 3D in a fascinating new method.

NUKE's first VR system comes with two new cameras, involving spherical and stereo cube maps.

V-Ray Standalone offers real-time, GPU-accelerated rendering to film and broadcast projects, as well as availability of the whole V-Ray line-up (bucket, progressive and V-Ray RT). With the inclusion of a V-Ray VRscene node will facilitate the team members to deliver full render-ready assets out of V-Ray for 3ds Max and Maya to NUKE artists (or conversely) with exact uniformity. The users will be able to view, instance, convert and manage V-Ray scene files maintaining 100% accuracy, devoid of their position in the pipeline.

Now artists will be able to generate a 3D scene through the identical nodal workflow applied all through NUKE.

To get the complete features, go through www.v-ray.com/nuke/features/sp3.

V-Ray 3.3 for NUKE