Free Twinmotion Update Available Now

When you want to do some serious 3D models rendering in awesome virtual reality, look no further than Twinmotion. It is a SketchUp to VR extension that is fast becoming the norms for architecture, interior design, urban planning, and landscaping.

In our previous review of Twinmotion we have announced that they have now become a part of Epic Games. Also, this mind-blowing plugin was free to download till near the end of 2019 (not any more).

Hundreds of thousands of people use this plugin, it is so popular! Now, all those people, including you if you?re planning to get Twinmotion too, have something more exciting to look forward to. Twinmotion has released a free update! With this edition, you can seamlessly jump to and from SketchUp and VR, and enjoy breathtaking realism on bare ground.

Direct Link to SketchUp

Now Twinmotion integrates with SketchUp even more seamlessly with its new Direct Link feature. This one-click data synchronization between Twinmotion VR and SketchUp Pro ? and ArchiCAD and Revit to boot ? works like a charm. This way, your transition between multiple software and your VR realization of how your model would actually look has become even more simple and straightforward.

But that?s not all! Twinmotion now automatically optimizes geometry and replaces materials as well. Also, this direct-link synchronization is much faster and easier than importing the SKP file. The auto-sync process corrects geometry properly now, so you won?t have to see weird glitches in your VR like flipped faces etc.

Superior Vegetation Rendering

The Twinmotion VR was already realistic enough, but it seems the devs are going for a record or something. The new high quality grass pack brings vegetation detail to a new level of realism. Lawns and landscapes will now look absolutely original, with different settings for your usability.

With seven flowers and no less than twenty five more grass materials to choose from, you have the pleasure of seemingly unending permutation of combination of luscious greenery on ground level.

Reliability and Efficiency

With this new free update, Twinmotion is getting huge boosts to both its stability and performance. As mentioned above, the imported (now ?synced?) data will be error-checked automatically.

Some minor other bugs have been squashed as well ? you have to go see their release notes for more details. Not to mention that you will get far better performance while running Twinmotion now that the devs have tweaked up the engine and fixed compatibility issues with some cards.

Free Twinmotion Update Available Now