Demo of TopoShaper Skethup Plugin

This sketchup video tutorial provides brief demonstration on the functionality of TopoShaper Plugin in Sketchup. Fredo6 has developed this exclusive sketchup plugin.

TopoShaper produces Terrains from the following :-

• from a group of iso-contours, that means, contours which contain a constant or quasi-constant altitude. The Terrain is created as a QuadMesh.
• from a Cloud of Points (presented as a group of Guide points). The Terrain is created similar to adaptive Triangular mesh.
TopoShaper::IsoContours functions in the follow ways:

• Selection of Contours , normally by choosing earlier a group having the contours prior to set up TopoShaper.
• Cleansing Contours, that will be fruitful if contours are imported as DXF/DWG files. In version 1.0, the Cleansing involves the elimination / addition of contours, their simplification, automatic and manual junctions and exclusion of small hooks. An Altitude Editor exists to arrange or revise the altitude of the individual contours.

• Computation of Terrain and Preview. The Terrain is calculated on a rectangular grid. It is possible to modify the grid resolution and be able to constitute the hilltops and basins.
• Creation of the Terrain Surface as a quad-mesh surface attached in a group. As an alternative, it is possible to include the Skirt and the contour map, with or without altitude labels.

Demo of TopoShaper Skethup Plugin