Top 10 Rendering Plugins for SketchUp

SketchUp is a 3D based premier software that can make 3D model for everyone with robust toolset. The areas of usage are architectural, interior designing, civil and mechanical engineering. Nowadays many architects, designers and engineers are using SketchUp because it is very easy to use, user friendly and cost saving software.

SketchUp can transformed into a 3D rendering and visualization tool with the rendering plug in. Here we will discuss about top 7 plugin for SketchUp. The plugin is mentioned below.

V-Ray Plugin

V-Ray is the most powerful rendering plugin made for SketchUp. It has the ability to transform SketchUp models into photorealistic rendering and animation very easily. V-Ray for SketchUp is very easy to learn and use. Nowadays it is the most commonly used render used for SketchUp. The advantages of V-Ray are the high speed and flexibility of the plugin.

Brighter 3D

Brighter 3D is very high-quality plugin which is used in SketchUp for rendering. Designers used this plugin since 2008. This Brighter 3D use a rendering algorithm. It provides the user huge power and quickly make rendering for criticize, feedback and tweaking. Brighter 3D has also the free version for those who want to test the plugin first for their upcoming work or career.

Brighter 3D don?t give bugs frequently so it can work quickly and also it is not much expensive and easy to use. That?s why SketchUp go well with the plugin.

SU Podium

Su Podium is a very popular plugin which can create detailed and real life like architectural visualization form a SketchUp model. It is basically a high-end raytracing plugin which is combination of physical sky system and a set of calibrated presets. So, it makes the SketchUp rendering very straightforward and easy. Su Podium is very easy to use for beginners. It also has the easy surface and versatile presets. Though this is not free of cost.


LumenRT is a real time visualization software. By using this software users can bring their projects to real life with the quality of cinematic images. Videos, and real time presentation of the models. This is not for free for users.

This plugin provides the robust and understandable tools that work perfectly in rendering. This plugin improves the realism of their models. It is not a particular plugin for SketchUp but if users create models in Google?s modeling software that can be easily imported to LumenRT. In LumenRT the models can be decorated with the material libraries, lightning and with many more.


By using Maxwell with the SketchUp users can turn their architectural or interior design into most photorealistic images. It is very easy to use for designers and it can construct without any interruption. It has different features like scene manager ability, material characters, fire resistant ability and custom light objects. This plugin helps the users by 3D rendering and visualization artist. This the most popular plugin as V-Ray.


Caravaggio can make most impartial perfect rendering techniques of SketchUp models by Heuristic Bidirectional path tracing engine. It also can produce the perfect lightning and makes photorealistic rendering of the scene.

It also can render all the previews at any resolutions. It has two features. One is material editor and the other one is light editor. This plugin is named after Italian Baroque painter. This plugin also offers the users a free trial of 200 rendering to see that if it may add value in the project of the users. The plugin can work directly in SketchUp. It is also capable of tweaking and for the final production.

Indigo Renderer

Indigo Renderer is a high-quality plugin used in SketchUp. It is the combination of quality and high speed. It can create great images of SketchUp models.

The main features of the plugin are photorealism, scattering, layers of light, material database, creative lighting, and section planes. It can transform users' model from blocky lines to magnificent art. It does almost all work for the renders.

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