Best Rendering Software For SketchUp

Rendering is real time, photo realistic radiosity engine for SketchUp users. SketchUp users can get high-definition photorealistic situation of their SketchUp model by using this rendering software.

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The Best Rendering Software

There is many rendering software available for SketchUp users in market. In the article the best rendering tools are mentioned below.

Autodesk 3ds Max

This tool is very popular performer to render the 3D modeling, animation, and other rendering needs.

3Ds Max has the feature of Arnold GPU Renderer which allows the users to review the changes they make. Users also can import SketchUp files into 3ds max. After that the new files can be opened in .skp files.


1. Users can process content in bulk by using this as a command line tool.
2. It has the capacity to create custom workspaces.
3. Users use the motion paths for manipulating animations.
4. It has real life camera simulated setting like aperture, shutter speed.

Allura GPU

This is a GPU based rendering plugin for SketchUp. Users can use the video GPU for creating photo realistic rendering image. Users can do all process very quickly and the whole rendering process gives the user very smooth rendering experience.

NVIDIA Iray power the Allura GPU for SketchUp which has all the capabilities for seamless rendering. This software uses automatic computing light path which is very simple to use. This is one f the best rendering tool for SketchUp users. Some features of it are:

1. Indirect illumination.
2. Color bleeding.
3. Refraction.
4. Blurry reflections.
5. Reflections.
6. Soft shadows.
7. Volume scattering.
8. Refractive caustics.

Ariel Vision

Users can get a realistic rendering by using this software. User don?t need to use any complex setting for rendering. This rendering tool is very much perfect for designers. This tool has clean, and easy user interface.


1. It is one click rendering.
2. This tool has pre-defined setting.
3. Smooth collaboration with SketchUp reflection.
4. Transparency control.
5. Users can add direct and indirect lighting by using natural and artificial lights.
6. This tool has HDRi skies and background.

This rendering software has two wizards. One is material wizard and the other one is light wizard. Users can use the material wizard for easy reflection and transparency and light wizard for completing interior scenes with the customize lamps, ceiling lights and many more.

IRender nXt

Users can use this fantastic plugin to create photorealistic rendering inside Trimble SketchUp. This tool has the ability to turn designs and models into perfect image. This is the best tool for exhibiting building plans.


1. This tool provides high quality images to landscape designers.
2. Users can save settings inside the SketchUp model.
3. This tool can update post rendering.


Shaderlight is a SketchUp rendering tool. By using this software users can make HD quality pictures in very short time. This software is very easy to use and learn.


1. This software provides photorealistic rendering.
2. This software is very simple.
3. Users can make better animation by using this software.
4. It has light emitting option. By using light emitting option users are able to replace self-illuminating materials and area light.

Thea Renderer

Thea renderer is a popular tool to the SketchUp users. This tool has standalone studio and editor library for material texture, and colors. This software has biased and unbiased render mode options.


1. Use of external models as proxies
2. It has Thea material editor.
3. This tool also has darkroom with different controls.
4. Advanced camera setting.
5. Advanced rendering channels.


By using this tool users can decide how the models look like. They can edit their SketchUp models by changing various lighting settings like sun, sky, and many more. It has the x-ray vision mode which are capable to view interior rendering. Users also able to monitor the whole process.


1. This tool is capable to stop rendering any time.
2. It also saves the rendering, reopen and resume the rendering.
3. Users are also able to rotate, pan, zoom, and modify the materials.
4. This tool also has HDR maps and save the photorealistic images as HDR. This images also saved in jpg, png format.

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