FTC Solar introduced SunDAT v3 to simplify solar design in sketchup

FTC Solar Inc. comprising of a team of devoted renewable energy professionals, just unveils the next generation release of its proprietary SunDAT Solar Design Automation software solution.

SunDAT v3 renders extremely precise designs out of small residential systems to multi-hundred MW Single Axis tracker utility-scale projects.

With the addition of the new v3 user interface, the users can use an advanced feature to streamline the solar design process as well as generate various design iterations for comparison and appraisal. With energy modeling supported with NREL SAM, production estimates are tallied alongside for several layout options.

SunDAT v3 considerably accelerates the speed and accurateness of big scale solar design. All modeling is performed within the Sketchup 3D environment. Shading analysis conjoined with 3D terrain-following facilitates the users to analyze the effect of terrain on energy production.

?With advanced topography analysis, the users can get the ability to recognize the terrain over structural tolerances throughout the due diligence stage and have estimation of cut/fill volumes. By obtaining this feature in the initial design cycle land selection and cost estimation are improved radically.

SunDAT V3 automates the layout and drafting tasks and the engineers get the ability to optimize cost and constructability.

To download a 15-day free trial of SunDAT V3, go through the following link https://sundat.ftcsolar.com

FTC Solar introduced SunDAT v3 to simplify solar design in sketchup