How to start modeling with Voronoi Patterns in Sketchup

This sketchup video tutorial is presented by Justin Geis.

In this tutorial, Justin shows how to generate a pattern on the basis of voronoi diagram with the purpose of produce a nice organic shape in sketchup. To produce this organic shape successfully, Justin uses various most recognized sketchup plugins like voronoi, conic curve, JHS power bar and shape bender.

With voronoi and conic curve, it is possible to generate a Voronoi diagram from guide points cloud as well as nice cutouts in those cells (conic curves).

Chris Fullmer has developed the shape bender plugin. It is a nice tool to warp objects over curved paths. With this tool, one will be able to generate curved objects with precise correctness.

It is recommended to work in top view while applying voronoi XY plugin.

The tool facilitates the sketchup users to indicate what area should be suited over a path and the shape bender plugin automatically adjusts the object over the path.

To learn the complete process, watch the following video tutorial.

How to start modeling with Voronoi Patterns in Sketchup