Some useful sketchup plugin for game modeling

Sketchup is a powerful 3d modeling tool that provides huge benefits to the creative, architecture and game industry. Given below a wide lists of sketchup plugins which can transform your game modeling work to the next level.

These plugins are demonstrated with GIF images.

Multipe Offsets v4: This sketchup plugin is developed by Sam D Mitch. The plugin can be used to generate numerous offsets of selected surfaces in a model.

Go through the following link to download the plugin.

Angular Dimension: SLBaumgartner is the developer of this exclusive plugin. The plugin is useful for measuring and drawing the angles on the surface of a volume.

Click on the link given below to download the plugin

Chain Along Path: 3dalbertsoft develops this useful sketchup plugin. Choose a curve and pre-set shape in sketchup to generate a helical turbine. There exists a dialog window that facilitates the users to select various parameters for producing the final shape. The plugin is ideal to describe seams, seals, springs, tensioners and cables.

The users can access this plugin by clicking on the following link

LSS Matrix: Kirill B has created LSS Matrix. LSS Matrix optimizes copying functionality and facilitates to generate custom arrays of groups and/or component instances. With this plugin, the users can update the parent block to make a sequence of chained components. It is also possible to produce a spiral staircase by developing a block with two steps and then selecting the number of copies.

Link for download

Quad Face Tool: ThomThom has developed this sketchup plugin. This plugin facilitates the users to get rid of one of the serious issues of sketchup i.e. difficulty in performing with non-flat quad surfaces. QuadFace Tools contain series of tools for functioning with non-planar quads in SketchUp. Quad Face Tool can generate figures with continuous edges as topographies or provide a much more real surface to a helmet that was initially reticulated.

Link to download the plugin

Sketchy FFD: CPhillips is the developer of Sketchy FFD, a free form deformation tool of geometry. The plugin is ideal for generating an indiscernible control cage around an object. It belongs to a mesh described with a wide array of control points in its vertices and edges which facilitate the users to control the dimensions of a selected object.

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Some useful sketchup plugin for game modeling
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