Skimp - SketchUp Extension Review

Recently, Mind Sight Studios has released their new addition to the family of SketchUp plugins. It is an exciting new extension for SketchUp 2018 and above. Simply called Skimp, it will immensely help those who are into organic high-poly modeling.

What is Skimp: Skimp is an extension for SketchUp Pro which lets you import high-poly high-fidelity models into SketchUp with ease and speed.

It compresses high-poly models so that the size is heavily reduced. Thereby increasing the rendering rate on display.

All organic modelers have faced this problem at least once in their lives. As they continue shaping the model towards as lifelike as possible, more polygons get added to it. This bloats up the model size beyond reasonable. Which, in turn, results into more extensive graphical power usage. It makes the workspace slower and slower until you can barely orbit.

Skimp targets to alleviate this issue by compressing the polygons in the model. For example, it is claimed that it can compress a file with 1.8 million poly-count to 32k only.

Interior designers, architects, landscape designers, game developers, object modelers all will be benefited from this wonderful extension called Skimp.

Features of Skimp:

1. Various file types are supported by this extension. You can import popular file types like FBX, OBJ, STL, DAE, 3DS, VRML, PLY etc. All these files can be compressed and simplified.
2. You can preview the result before finalising.
3. It can also work on the groups and objects in your existing SketchUp model. Simplify them to reduce lags!
4. The import and simplification process is lightning fast! You don?t have to sit and wait for long.

This sketchup extension is available in

5. Before importing, you can adjust scale and orientation of the model.
6. The simplification is highly accurate. The metric-based work doesn't mess up the model at all.
7. Despite heavy compression, model hierarchy is maintained rigorously.
8. Also, keeps the materials, UV?s, and normals as they were in original after import.
9. Skimp works on sketchUp Pro version 2018 and above, and is compatible with both PC and Mac.

To get online demonstration, watch the following video tutorial.

Video Source: mind.sight.studios

Skimp - SketchUp Extension Review