Building New Foundation in SketchUp 2021

During the pandemic situation, our activities are limited to our homes, shutting down our social lives completely. And while everyone is busy tackling the situation, the developer team of SketchUp utilizes the time by planning to make SketchUp a more user-friendly interface and optimized. With this update in 2021, SketchUp delivers a smoother, optimized working experience and a strong foundation.

In this new SketchUp update, the developer team put much thought into the ‘Whys’ in their decisions. According to the developer, it’s important to know the results of their decision in upcoming years. The developers put much effort into building this effective software for architects and engineers.

In this new version, we have made various changes relating to its axis and a new logo supporting as a part of SketchUp's new version. After eight years of hard work and processing at last SketchUp comes up with a simple yet advanced new mark to support the company’s strong foundation. The simple yet advanced logo is created by using SketchUp, which means the new version of SketchUp can also be used to design an interactive 3D animated logo.

SketchUp has over 150,000 subscribers and users. The team never fails to deliver a high-quality and affordable 3D modeling experience. SketchUp 2021 comes with a brand new, innovative, and climate savvy interface. It also provides smart, selectable models for your designs. This SketchUp update comes with many features which can easily handle your most complicated projects.

New features of SketchUp 2021

Introducing PreDesign

The developer of SketchUp knows that AEC professionals are found of reality-based models for their designs and models. The AEC also strives for a reality where each and every design fits with the surrounding environment. So SketchUp added a new feature called PreDesign, which is basically a climate research tool that gives you a better knowledge of your project surrounding before designing.

This PreDesign feature not only just spot the issues it also provides many helpful suggestions regarding, effects, top-lighting, etc for your every design. If you want innovative, smooth, and powerful 3D modeling software go for SketchUp 2021.

Optimized Tag manager in SketchUp

SketchUp developer is well aware of the fact that managing such long tags list is complicated, especially the development of 2D complex documentation in LauOut. To solve this problem, SketchUp 2021 features “Tag-Folders” in SketchUp Layout. It is capable to arrange each tag of yours in the organized way possible.

This feature will automatically sort your tags that are used in a design, properly segregate them into groups and make them easily accessible by the designers. Not only that, but this new SketchUp version will also allow the user to filter tags according to their needs.

Live Components added in SketchUp 2021

Live components or parametric objects are the components in SketchUp that are programmed with modeling logic that helps in manipulating their geometric structure. These live components have the ability to change their design and re-draw themselves in real-time to match the surrounding environment.

Live components or objects can be located in 3D warehouse and is all set to download and customize right in SketchUp’s latest version.

Just by selecting the live components in the 3D warehouse, you can easily insert them directly into your design and can customize those components in the ‘Configure Live Component’ dialogue box.

To learn more, watch the following video tutorial.

Video Source: TheSketchUpEssentials

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Building New Foundation in SketchUp 2021