The Sketchup X-ray Mode Can Move Geometry Instantly & Precisely

This exclusive sketchup tutorial belongs to sketchup skill builder series. By watching this youtube sketchup tutorial, one can learn how to transfer geometry instantly and precisely with the use of X-ray mode.

In sketchup, there exist various viewing styles. X-ray is considered one of the best styles that can be used for general purpose. In order to switch from solid to x-ray mode, just go to window menu and select style and then choose x-ray (last in the list).

The X-Ray facilitates the users to view through the geometry and model in an efficient manner. Devoid of rotating or cloaking elements just snap to something which is invisible, divert to X-Ray mode – while using another command – and instantly edit in place and save huge time. It is also possible to trap and resolve several leftovers which can't be seen frequently, hidden inside your model volume.

X-Ray mode generally fades or hides elements in order to give emphasis on the one you're dealing with at any given time. It's very useful to model through a perfect workspace, and you can always switch to the rest of the elements or the complete model for examining instantly and re-orienting. The fade level can be managed efficiently with the Model Info dialog.

The sketchup X-ray mode can move geometry instantly & precisely