Here are the Top 7 Best SketchUp Tutorials, Resources, and Courses Online

SketchUp is one of the best tools you can use to simulate how your projects will look once they bring to life. Drawings turn into 3D models with this computer program, which allows you to see your Drawings from every angle. A 3D designer will find this extremely useful.

1. SketchUp Official Site

SketchUp's official website is a great place to find the best resources. As well as a blog with relevant content, the SketchUp Community forum offers expert advice and answers to all your burning questions. A section is also available, where you can find different SketchUp trainers, sites that feature resources, tutorials, and online training options.

2. U-demy SketchUp Courses

If you want to master SketchUp, you should check out U-demy, the largest online learning platform in the world with over 100000 courses. Learn SketchUp on the go with an app, or choose from over 100 U-demy SketchUp courses.

The U-demy website is a great resource for learning from industry experts. A great part of the website is SketchUp Campus, where SketchUp's basics are explained in great detail.

3. The SketchUp Essentials

The SketchUp Essentials is another excellent source for learning the basics of SketchUp, where you can obtain high-quality training. Although the course is not always available, you can sign up for updates to get the first word when registration opens up.

Plug-ins, extensions, and speed modeling are just some of the tutorials you can check out. To the extent that only the essentials discuss on this website, it serves as a guide for beginners to help them learn how to use the program. Besides books and forums, you can also download files here.

4. SketchUp School

The official website of SketchUp School has as one of its resources. You'll find professional tutorials in this video course library. If you're a rookie, you should skip this site because it has a lot of complex content. As the membership is not free, paying for it would be overkill if there still were a lot of learning to do.

However, it's a really good online resource, offering a wide range of advanced classes exclusively for professionals. After you're comfortable with SketchUp, consider returning to it.

5. SketchUcation

SketchUcation is a resource center and community for professionals working with SketchUp, offering customers access to 800 SketchUp integrations, models, styles, and materials. A forum is available on the site anytime, and you can interact with its 500000 users. Users of all skill levels can benefit from the tutorials. It has tutorials for beginners, intermediate users, and advanced users.

SketchUp training is also available on this website. The different types of online learning available to you are hybrid, corporate, and intensive. A certificate provides upon completion of both authorized and specialized training courses.

SketchUcation also offers beginner and intermediate books that can help you dig much deeper into SketchUp.

6. SketchUp Artists

Professionals can also find excellent resources at SketchUp Artists. It has a Tips & Tricks section, where you can learn how to add post-processing to your images by combining SketchUp with additional graphics editors, such as Photoshop.

In addition to SketchUp tutorials, you can also find the latest animation, modeling, and rendering software. As well as free downloads of SketchUp styles, there is also a Styles and Techniques section that can help you improve your skills. In addition to this, SketchUp Artists have created a resource section in which you can find other online resources.


You can learn SketchUp at, one of the most reliable resources. SketchUp training is available in various formats, including live classes, online courses, and corporate training. You can even enroll in the private one-on-one class.

You can also take advantage of a tutorial library consisting of more than 12 hours of articles, plus working files and feedback if you wish to learn at your own pace.

It is only accessible with the SketchUp Membership, but you can do a free trial to test it out.

Final Thoughts

Many different fields can be studied using the program, including architecture, interior design, video game design, civil and mechanical engineering, and more.

To learn more, watch the following video tutorial.

Video Source: MasterSketchUp

If you follow these websites, you will be on the right path to mastering SketchUp and becoming an expert. With their help, you can create absolutely delightful projects that will delight your clients and open up a whole new world of 3D design.

Here are the Top 7 Best SketchUp Tutorials, Resources, and Courses Online