Sketchup tutorial on how to optimize the process for developing the window component

Aaron Bishop presents this sketchup tutorial useful for woodworking professionals. The tutorial shows how to use the "Glue to:" and "Cut opening" features for developing a window component. This sketchup tutorial is the part of sketchup skill builder series.

Glue to allows a component to bind to a definite plane. If a component is glued to a surface, it can be moved on that surface by the Move tool.

Cut Opening check box is activated for components “in” a surface to automatically cut an opening in surfaces the component is attached.

• To arrange a gluing plane, choose one of the following options available in the Glue To drop-down list: Any, Horizontal, Vertical, Sloped. Once a gluing plane is selected, the Cut Opening checkbox turns out to be functional, and the Always Face Camera and Shadows Face Sun options turn out to be inactive.

• Activate the Cut Opening checkbox to make your component prepared to cut an opening in a face.
• If you want to detach a glued component out of a specific surface, right-click it and select Unglue from the context menu.

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Cutting Window Components