A useful tutorial on sketchup trays

This sketchup tutorial is the part of sketchup tutorial package from Tiny Nest. The tutorial shows how to apply the trays in sketchup. Trays are the one of the most exciting features in Sketchup Pro 2016. The users can create new trays and organize the windows according to their choice.

The users can also generate a custom tray in the following ways :-

From the menu bar, choose Window > New Tray. Then the Add Tray dialog box will be visible.

In the Tray Name field, provide a name for the tray, like affixing shapes for a tray that retains all the panels required to add shapes to a document. Choose the checkbox beside each panel that should be contained in the tray.

After completing the process, click the Add button. The name of your new tray will be visible on the Window menu.

Inside the tray, the windows can be re-arranged by dragging title bars up and down. The tray can be shifted independently by dragging its title bar, as well as it can be docked by dragging it to an edge of the SketchUp window. The top or bottom docking does not function perfectly, but left and right docking works well. The tray can also be positioned anywhere in the middle of the screen. The tray can be reduced to a tab by clicking the pin icon in the tray’s title bar. The tray opens if the cursor situates on the tab.

A useful tutorial on sketchup trays