What is included in SketchUp Studio for Universities?
Which is the best SketchUp plan for you?

SketchUp Studio for Higher Education is a flexible design program designed to furnish university-wide needs through convenient tier-based subscriptions for students, faculty, and administrators. In conjunction with a SketchUp subscription or a SketchUp renewal, this version provides a quick and easy way for both students and educators to get many different projects done at once. Also, this new account management portal, along with the features that it offers, makes it easier and more effective for users to manage their accounts.

Educators, students, and universities have different requirements for SketchUp Studio

Among SketchUp Studio for Higher Education product suite, there is SketchUp Studio for Universities, SketchUp Studio for Students, and SketchUp Studio for Educators. All of these terms are user-specific terms. In spite of the fact that all three have access to the full product suite, there are differences in pricing, deployment, and user management options depending on the solution.

You can select from three subscription plans, depending on your needs:

The SketchUp Studio for Universities

The SketchUp Studio for Universities provides bulk seating at tiered pricing for a minimum of 10 users, so it is an excellent option for universities with ten or more employees. A product is deployed by the account administrator by assigning a product to each user - users can then log in directly and upload products as well as manage their own profiles.

The SketchUp Studio for Students

A single student should be able to use this and this will be the best plan for him. It is therefore deployed as a user login system with individual account management for each user.

The SketchUp Studio for the educators

It would be ideal for a single educator to use this software. This product works in the same way as SketchUp Studio for Students. Users log in individually and manage their own accounts.

Why is SketchUp Studio the greatest choice for universities?

There is no longer an institutional laptop license available for SketchUp Pro Classic SketchUp Studio, which is no longer available. There are a number of features found in SketchUp Pro that have been combined into this new offering at the same convenient price tiers based on the number of entitlements each client requires.

Any institution that needs 10 users or more will find SketchUp Studio for Universities to be the best option. There are a number of subscription plans available through it, making it possible for teachers and SketchUp students to choose the one that is right for them. There are various tiers of subscriptions available, which will allow the user to enjoy a full suite of products in one package, such as SketchUp Pro, SketchUp for Web, Sefaira, Trimble Connect Business, LayOut, Mobile Viewer, and PreDesign.

What are some of the tools and benefits which are present in the latest version of SketchUp studio?

LayOut: SketchUp Pro and LayOut work together in a very seamless manner. In order to highlight the best features of the SketchUp model in a LayOut document, the user can insert SketchUp models into the document and design the document to emphasize these features.

Sefaria: In order for building performance to be enhanced, Sefaira has a highly flexible and fast analysis tool that can help you keep up with the pace of conceptual as well as schematic design in order to enhance the performance of the building.

In order to design an energy-efficient building, one of the easiest ways of doing so is to have a software application that runs on a cloud-based platform and can run energy-efficient building design analysis so you can get your first results as quickly as a few minutes from now.

PreDesign: You can improve your design research by using SketchUp PreDesign. This tool is perfect for anyone who wants to seek design inspiration or ideas, especially when considering the design of a new building or the renovation of an existing one.

Extension Warehouse: To optimize your SketchUp workflow, you will want to use this tool as your go-to optimization tool. In addition to having over 600 extensions, it can also assist you in preparing your model for 3D printing.

Trimble Connect Business: A subscription to SketchUp Studio includes Trimble Connect for Business as part of the package. In order to achieve the best results, Trimble Connect provides SketchUp with a whole new dimension.

XR Viewer: Using this tool, you will be able to visualize and present your creation in virtual and mixed realities from different angles.

Add Location: In this service, users can use a map to help them locate their models on a map. In order to perform accurate analyses of the sun and shadows, it is necessary to add location.

To learn more, watch the following video tutorial.

Video Source: SWC Architecture

Mobile Viewer: On iOS or Android mobile devices, SketchUp Mobile Viewer allows users to view 3D models. Using this app, you can also view offline.

StyleBuilder: You can use this program to create the sketchy edge style based on the lines that you have drawn on paper, or you can use a digital setting in an image-editing program to create the drawing.

Final Thoughts

With SketchUp Studio for University, SketchUp Studio has been transformed into a tool that can be used by a wide range of university students at all levels, which makes both teaching and studying easier and more efficient. This updated version of SketchUp enables users to deploy and manage multiple subscription seats at the same time with ease thanks to its powerful features.

What is included in SketchUp Studio for Universities?