How to use 3D mouse to navigate through your model easily

Aaron Bishop develops SpaceMouse Pro and various other 3D mouses. In this sketchup video Aaron shows how to use a 3D mouse to navigate through your model smoothly with least waste. The advantage of applying 3D mouse is to involve both hands in a well-adjusted and supportive work style. One hand is kept engaged with the 3D mouse to place the model or navigate the location whereas your other hand concurrently applies the customary mouse to select, generate or edit.

Walk This Way: 3D mouse facilitates the users to walk through any model conveniently. Choose camera mode to visualize your architectural design efficiently.

3DxSketchUp Toolbar: Easy to use buttons permit the uses to toggle between camera and object mode instantly as well as rapidly arrange and adjust the center of rotation and make navigation easier to rapidly deactivate rolling.

Fast Zoom (Zoom to Cursor): There is Fast Zoom or Zoom to Cursor option and it can be used just by pressing the middle mouse button and shifting your 3Dconnexion 3D mouse cap backward and forward.

This exclusive sketchup video is the part of sketchup skill builder series.

How to use 3D mouse to navigate through your model easily