New Updates of Sketchup Pro 2019 and LayOut

SketchUp is a computer program based on 3D models. This software is used to draw different types of applications such as architectural, interior design landscape architecture, civil and mechanical engineering.

Updated features

Export the images

1. SketchUp exports 2D based graphics, raster files and animations. Users are able to control the line thickness of exported images with the new line scale multiplier.

2. Before the update line weights stayed the same which made the weight of line too small or large. Users now are able to thin the line weights. .png images also can be exported with its transparency so users can see the behind material while compositing.

Customized unit settings

Users now are able to customise the models for showing many unit measurements for the area and volume. can use millimetres for the wall and meters for volume.

1. Millimetres
2. Centimetres
3. Meters
4. Inches
5. Feet

To set the measurements of the models, go into Model Info > Units.

Improvements of workflow

Invert selection

By using the tool users can select anything and invert the selection of objects. Users can select the required items and then perform actions on the inverse. The keyboard shortcut for this is: CTRL + SHIFT + I (Windows) or CMD + SHIFT + I (Mac).

Import the files

Users now don?t have to pick out the import file format from a long list. Now users are able to drag and drop all the supported files into the modeling window. After that users can access all the supported file types for importing.

The eraser tool

It can make the workflow more smooth and seamless. Users add alt and cmd as modifier keys for removing accidentally captured highlighted lines.

The section planes

This tool wants the name and permission from the users before placing them in the models.

Send to the LayOut

Now users are able to send the models from the large toolset to LayOut in the left hand toolbar. Now users can use LayOut for 2D based drawing.

Import the large area to add the location

Users are now able to import large sites at full resolution. Users have to zoom a bit , after that they have to select the level of importation. If users misuse this feature then it will affect the performance in the SketchUp model.

Updated features of LayOut

Doing isometric dimensioning

Users now create linear dimensions aligned with the isometric viewpoint. Isometric drawing is a primary type of drawing in layOut. Users are now able to control the extension lines, the gap distance, and the align dimensions with isometric angles. To use the isometric dimensioning users have to start drawing a dimension and hold the alt key.

Auto text

Users now add text to dimensions without breaking the automatic measurement. Users have to make sure that string has <> in it.

Increasement of workflow

1. Rotating dimensions - The bounding box is rotated while the users rotate the object so that they can continue to scale.
2. Quick editing - In LayOut users can hit the return key to edit model views, groups, dimensions, or labels.

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New Updates of Sketchup Pro 2019 and LayOut