Some useful free sketchup plugins to improve your modelling speed

Sketchup plugins are useful to increase modelling speed, save huge time and get superior result. The sketchup plugins will facilitate you to get rid of redundant tasks like extruding (push/pull) several surfaces or generating offsets and multiple copies etc. Just provide the data, and the plugins will do rest automatically.

Given below, an extensive lists of free sketchup plugins which will allow you to produce some creative designs quickly and efficiently.

Tips to set up a plugin of SketchUp :-

Initially, click on ?Extension Manager?; the red coloured gem icon located on the far right of the toolbar. Alternatively, one can open ?Extension Manager? from ?Window? drop menu. Then, click on ?Install Extensions? located at the bottom left of the Extension Manager Window. Now, select the extension file with the ?rbz? extension from the download folder. The extension will be visible in your list of extensions. Ensure it is enabled. If you restart SketchUp, the shortcut toolbar or icon of the installed extension will come into view.

1. Joint Push/Pull ( It is a plugin that offers different options for extrusion of surfaces. Among these options, one is extruding multiple surfaces in parallel. Get help from the user manual furnished by the developer for more details.

You have to download the Free Library extension supplied by the same developer before that.

2. Multiple Offsets ( This plugin accomplishes the similar functionality found in AutoCAD?s offset but in 3D. It is possible to chose one or more surfaces which are going to be offset and then select one of the three options.

3. CLF Shape Bender ( This plugin allows you to bend a group or a component to tally the path of a curve or even a free-hand line. It provides you a wireframe preview of the product prior to implementation.

4. RandomPushPull ( This plugin can be used to generate different forms or playful wall cladding. It arbitrarily extrudes all the selected surfaces inside the range you enter. You only require to provide a minimum and a maximum value, then you will obtain a set of extruded surfaces with depths ranging among these two values.

5. FredoScale ( This plugin offers a diversified scale transformation options to your model. These options comprise of stretching, tapering, and twisting among others.

6. Soap Skin & Bubble ( This plugin allows you to utilize a skin over the space among specified edges as well as generate a complicated yet smooth surface. However, this plugin is only free till April 2018.

7. Curviloft ( This is very effective plugin developed by Fredo6 that provides a parametric edge to the simple modeling software. It contains 9 different modeling options to be generated from a set of selected curved lines.

8. Selection Toys ( This plugin provides you a wide array of selection options, same as QSelect or Filter in AutoCAD. In this way, it is possible to avoid modifying or eliminating the wrong entity.

9. Weld ( Similar to the Weld option in 3Ds Max, this plugin can be used to transform a set of connected lines and arcs into a single polyline.

10. Fredo6: Bezier Spline ( This extension provides you huge lists of line drawing options which comprise of Polylines, Bezier and Spline curves. These baselines are helpful to produce unique forms.

To get the lists of more free sketchup plugins, go through the following link

Some useful free sketchup plugins to improve your modelling speed