What are the most popular new free Sketchup plugins in 2023?

Users can create stunning designs and models with Sketchup, a powerful 3D modelling software. In spite of its built-in tools, there are limitations to what you can do. It is here that plugins come in handy. Add-ons called plugins can make modelling easier and more efficient in Sketchup by extending its functionality.

There are new plug-ins made frequently in order to enhance the functionality and features of Sketchup. We are going to discuss some of the best new plugins for SketchUp that you can use in 2023 for better design and enhanced workflow.

Top new plug-ins for Sketchup

1. CleanUp3

CleanUp3 is a fantastic plugin for cleaning up your Sketchup models is CleanUp3.

You may get rid of extraneous parts like duplicate faces, hidden geometry, and hidden geometry to speed up your modelling process. Other helpful aspects of the plugin include combining faces and simplifying complicated models.

2. Fredo Tools

Fedro Tools is a SketchUp plugin that was first created by Fredo6 who is already a popular Sketchup plugin developer. In addition to tools for creating complex shapes, the plugins generate random textures as well. By using FredoTools, you can create stunning designs using Sketchup.

3. Sketchup STL

Sketchup STL is a must-have plugin for Sketchup users who wish to 3D print their models. STL files are the standard format for 3D printing, and SketchUp STL supports exporting them. Your models can be easily checked and repaired before printing using this plugin.

4. BezierSpline

Smooth curves and lines can be created with BezierSpline. Graphic design software commonly uses Bezier curves to draw complex curves. Sketchup's built-in tools cannot create curves with BezierSpline, so it makes a great addition to your Sketchup plugin collection.

5. Curviloft

It is also possible to create complex shapes and curves with Curviloft. Lofted surfaces can be created between multiple profiles, allowing you to design organic shapes such as furniture, cars, and other curved shapes. In addition to creating spiral shapes and round corners, the plugin has a variety of other useful features.

6. RoundCorner

Using RoundCorner, you can create rounded corners and edges on your Sketchup models.

The plugin allows you to create curves and corners in a variety of ways, including fillets, chamfers, and bevels. Your designs will look more polished and professional with RoundCorner.

7. SketchUV

The SketchUV plugin allows you to map textures and images to Sketchup models. Various mapping options are available, including cylindrical, spherical, and planar mapping. By adding images and textures to surfaces, SketchUV allows you to create more realistic and detailed models.

8. TIG Slicer

Slices of your Sketchup models may be made with the plugin TIG Slicer. When examining the thickness of walls, floors, and other surfaces in your models, it is helpful. Slices may be made in a variety of ways with the plugin, including parallel slices and grid slices.

9. Eneroth Viewport Resizer

You can easily resize your Sketchup window to meet any custom size with the help of the useful plugin Viewport Resizer. When you need to export photographs at specified sizes or take screenshots, it is helpful. A few other capabilities of the plugin include the capacity to export screenshots in various file formats and apply padding.

10. Sketchup to Blender

This plugin lets you import Sketchup models into Blender. OBJ files can be exported from Sketchup and imported into Blender. Blender's powerful rendering and animation abilities can easily be accessed with this plugin.

To learn more, watch the following video tutorial.

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Final Thoughts

Here are a few of the best and most often used free plugins for better Sketchup, to sum up. With the help of these plugins, you may increase the functionality of Sketchup, streamline the modelling process, and improve the quality of your creations.

Hence, whether you are a new or seasoned user of Sketchup, make sure to check out these plugins and discover how they might improve your 3D modelling talents.

What are the most popular new free Sketchup plugins in 2023?