Top 12 SketchUp Plugin For Modeling

SketchUp is the most popular software among architectures. It is very easy to learn and use. Freshers also can use this software as well as professionals. Many architects want to learn advance stage of SketchUp.

This software is very useful for everyday work and it also has a plethora of plugins that helps the users to analyze the complex form of modeling and save money and time of the users.

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Sketchy FFD

By using this software users are able to create complex form from gridded surfaces. This tool adds a control edge to a specific object. it also helps the users to create domes, arches, free flowing organic shapes which is constructed from wave elements. This plugin added into SketchUp by CPhillips.

Memory Copy

This tool also allows the users to copy geometry and transform its size or rotation of geometry. This plugin memorizes the last move and copy that. This plugin is added by Adam Billyard.

JHS Power Bar

By using this tool users are also able for creating an array along a path. It also able to place a set of elements in a stipulated arrangement. This tool also has tutorial video in website. Users can watch this. CadFather add the tool in SketchUp. This plugin added into SketchUp by CadFather.

Follow me and Rotate

By using this software users are able to create detailed rope, twine, ornate balusters. It is combination of traditional follow me tool. It also has a rotating action for producing twisting geometry. Wikii add this tool in SketchUp software to help the SketchUp users.

Multiple offsets

By using this software users can offset many faces of an object at a time. Users can make complex coffered forms like the sphere illustrated in the GIF. This tool is perfect for the models of Pantheon dome. This plugin is added into SketchUp by Sam D Mitch.

Helix along curve

It is the most popular plugin in the SketchUp. By using this software users are also able for creating helix tubing with a predefined path. Users are also able to make perfect chain with individual links when this tool is combination of Bezier Spline and Component Stringers. 3dalbertsoft add this plugin into SketchUp.

Edge tools2

This tool is popular for saving precious time of the users. By using this plugin users are able to enable rapid simplification of DWG site plans, splits a face into multiple planes and also highlight the imperfections and clean up the wastage model in a moment. ThomThom added this plugin into SketchUp.

Section cut face

Users are able to add a face to the section plane of the users with this plugin. Users can quickly modify the face, change its color for presentation. When users edit their model, in every step this tool update automatically every change that users make. This software is added in SketchUp by TIG.

Subd and QuadFaceTools

Subd is used for producing curvilinear volumes with the help of the tool named QuadFaceTools.

This tool helps the users to model complex domes and parametric shells. These two tools are also added by ThomThom.


By using these tools users are able to generate surfaces from contours. Users make this to create curvilinear, organic volumes. Fredo6 added this tool into Sketchup.

CLF Shape bender

Users are able to bend an element or group for creating bespoke windows, doors for curved walls and roofs. This plugin added into SketchUp by Chris Fullmer.


Fredo6 added this brilliant tool in SketchUp for the users. Users are able to create moving parts with the SketchUp models. Users have to create first and last frames of the required movement. After that they have to hit the play button and can watch the dynamic model shift into motion.

Top 12 SketchUp Plugin For Modeling